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Closing Summer Scene
By Don Sutherland

foggy sunrise..
By Bruno Suignard

By Bruno Suignard

Genre : Non , je ne regarderai pas l'objectif !
By Pat H

seagull sun..
By Bruno Suignard

swan in the twilight
By Bruno Suignard

Lonely swan
By Bruno Suignard

coeur à prendre..
By Bruno Suignard

By Bruno Suignard

By Bruno Suignard

By Bruno Suignard

Envol ...
By Clofotos

L'amour donne des ailes - V2
By Joëlle CHEN

l'envol ...
By digital

“I wonder how much it would take to buy a soap bubble, if there were only one in the world.”  ~ Mark Twain
By Gerda

Frühjahrsputz :)
By Gerda

Olive-backed sunbird, Yellow-bellied sunbird (male)
By Poulet Santivasa Ana…

Et hop !!!
By Françoise Delestrade

Le couple
By Ennedi

Looking me right in the eye
By Gerda

Bonjour vous !!! :)
By Steph et Soso

Les yeux doux…..ou les yeux fous…????  Nice eyes or crazy eyes ????
By Louyse Voyage

Guépier, Bee-eater, Bienenfresser, Bijeneter, Abejaruco, Abelharuco, Gruccione, Merops apiaster
By Christian Reinaud

Pas content
By Ennedi

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