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Closing Summer Scene
By Don Sutherland

foggy sunrise..
By Bruno Suignard

By Bruno Suignard

Genre : Non , je ne regarderai pas l'objectif !
By Pat H

seagull sun..
By Bruno Suignard

swan in the twilight
By Bruno Suignard

Lonely swan
By Bruno Suignard

coeur à prendre..
By Bruno Suignard

By Bruno Suignard

By Bruno Suignard

By Bruno Suignard

Envol ...
By Clofotos

L'amour donne des ailes - V2
By Jchen Photos

l'envol ...
By digital

“I wonder how much it would take to buy a soap bubble, if there were only one in the world.”  ~ Mark Twain
By Gerda

Frühjahrsputz :)
By Gerda

Olive-backed sunbird, Yellow-bellied sunbird (male)
By Poulet Santivasa Ana…

Et hop !!!
By Françoise Delestrade

Le couple
By Ennedi

Bonjour vous !!! :)
By Steph et Soso

Les yeux doux…..ou les yeux fous…????  Nice eyes or crazy eyes ????
By Louyse Voyage

au grès du vent ...
By digital

Pas content
By Ennedi

Guépier, Bee-eater, Bienenfresser, Bijeneter, Abejaruco, Abelharuco, Gruccione, Merops apiaster
By Christian Reinaud

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