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By Eefje

By Soeradjoen

By Aleh Hubarevich

Curious dog..
By Ms Kat

By Eefje

Jasper among the Autumn Leaves
By Angela Miller

TSC, new
By Shuttering Yukon

By Kris W (Formerly kmw…

Une Vie de Chien
By SiL

By Amazingstoker

Urban life
By David BISE

Le café de la gare.
By David BISE

My Old Girl
By ctofcsco

Brake for the bug
By Stiletto

Canine Quidam
By Dirk Kultus

Marduk volunteers for Massimisation
By Stiletto

Where are the catsies?
By Stiletto

Dogs At Car Shows
By autofantasia

Blue : 8 Week Old White Goberian Puppy - Olympus E-410 - Leica D. Summilux 25mm f/1.4 Asph.
By Chris Grossman

Blue, 13 week old Goberian Puppy - Pentax 67II - SMC Pentax 67 Macro 135mm f/4 - HP5+
By Chris Grossman

Iveco Magirus-Deutz
By Martainn

Dougal agus Iveco Magirus-Deutz
By Martainn

Buanaiche Tigercat H860C
By Martainn

Adhartair Valmet 890.3
By Martainn

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