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Curious dog..
By Ms Kat

By Eefje

What's up ?
By Biscotte.....Imperti…

~ My  Girl Rosie ~
By Brenda Boisvert

A new friend?
By Marie Jestin

By *starless*

By Berny

Un séducteur
By Jean-Jacques Guyon

By *starless*

Merlin floconneux
By ȵαʈỉε

Poetography - inspirational pictures & words - Sympathy
By YveC

By Louravi

Cutie | Yawn
By Doomshammer

und ...A C T I O N ....(pip)
By Brigitte

Forever friends
By Laura C

Dog on the wall
By Laura C

... dog ...
By diedje

Brake for the bug
By Stiletto

By Dirk Kultus

** Jessy et Bella **
By Impatience_1

Kodi waiting in the Miata - Nikon F4 - AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D - TMAX 400
By Chris Grossman

Kodi Waiting for a Treat - Nikon F4 - AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D - Delta 3200
By Chris Grossman

Blue, 13 week old Goberian Puppy - Pentax 67II - SMC Pentax 67 Macro 135mm f/4 - HP5+
By Chris Grossman

Dougal air cùlthaobh cluarain
By Martainn

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