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By Berny

By Berny

Golden Guinea Tree Flower
By Ron Hanko

Sunrise Silhouettes
By Dave Roberts 2014

Winter Sunshine
By Dave Linscheid

One tree & golden field
By lovestruck

20110425 13357c
By Fantasyfan

Sunrise heath Vierhouten
By Bram van Broekhoven

Rouge - Red
By Blueman

By Ron Hanko

Larches at Heather Pass
By Ron Hanko

By Frank

Arecibo, Puerto Rico
By Minno Ramirez

Golden Beauty
By Cheryl Kelly (cher12…

Weeping willow
By Елена Крайняя

By Eefje

A path, a tree, a light
By David BISE

20100717 9999 46c
By Fantasyfan

Winter Dreams are Coming True
By Bergfex

Chairs around a tree
By {ME}

Ces lieux où la nature dépasse la religion.
By David BISE

it feels so grain grain
By Surendra Chaurasiya

The Angry Tree ...
By autofantasia

Portrait of a Tree
By ctofcsco

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