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says one tree to another.......
By Berny

Winter treasures
By Erato

Herbstspaziergang im Taunus
By Busterkeaton

A long long time ago
By Erato

Apple Tree
By Dave Linscheid

By Erato

~ Turtle Dove ~
By Brenda Boisvert

Walking away
By Erato

a place to be.
By Chrissy

Catching orange
By Erato

Longing for Spring
By Erato

By Mag (nissmag)

Merry Christmas from Holly
By Holly ★

joulukuu4 2005 161c
By Fantasyfan

a tree's life
By Berny

Autumn dreams
By Erato

By Berny

Chilling out...
By Klaus W.

Vintage Oak Tree at 50 mph!
By Janet Brien

20090216 9999 131b
By Fantasyfan

Good Morning
By Seelview

Thunder Mountain
By Mitch Seaver

Icy Winter Cottonwoods
By ctofcsco

By Rhisiart Hincks

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