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The Tree with Sun Dogs
By *starless*

a place to be.
By Chrissy

A long long time ago
By Erato

sweet dreams
By Beverly (pawprints)

By Mag (nissmag)

r u r a l
By Berny

joulukuu4 2005 161c
By Fantasyfan

I left the light on :)~
By Shelby :)~

Magic woods
By Erato

a tree's life
By Berny

By Berny

Chilling out...
By Klaus W.

Vintage Oak Tree at 50 mph!
By Janet Brien

A Spring Thing
By Dave Linscheid

By *starless*

From Iceland.
By Þórunn Þorsteinsdótt…

Grand Canyon
By Jonathan Johannsen

By Erato

Good Morning
By Seelview

Autumn dreams
By Erato

By Dave Linscheid

Goodnight to the City
By Stewart Leiwakabessy

sundown at the river
By Claus Paul Heibel

sundown in the fens
By Jon Smith

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