Posted on 07/11/2007

Photo taken on April 21, 2007

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Who Are You Now, Little Girl Blue?

Who Are You Now, Little Girl Blue?
Take a good look
inside of me
and tell me truly
what do you see?
i know you're a little blind
but i'll be your mirror,
baby - tell me now
what's your story?
how are you doing
with those lies
you love so well
are you done redecorating
your pretty little Hell?
shutting up your windows
when there's nothing left to see
empty, empty
like your glorious myths
but what you took away
was never yours
to begin with
Little Girl Blue
you've blown your horn
and now your life's
all scattered
and torn
the friends you had
all used and worn
now there's nothing left
for me to give
now that my usefulness
is outlived
so listen closely to what i say
then go ahead and take it
the wrong way
you've burned it all down
and buried the bones
leaving a trail
of broken homes
and now there's nothing left
for me to do
as you make your
prophesies come true
no one stays
and no one cares
well honey
i was one who dared
once, i was one
who dared

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