Posted on 07/11/2007

Photo taken on March 30, 2007

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envious of the moon

envious of the moon
The moon trails ghostly fingertips
across your skin
as you lie there
breathing slowly
in and out
out and in
lips curving
in a sleepy pout
What can you be dreaming?
Are your inner demons leaving
you in peace?
Do i dare to follow
press my lips against the hollow
of your neck
while flecks of moonlight
play over your flesh
in fine traceries of light
as my fingers might?
Or do i leave you in peace
never knowing
that sweet release?
I am envious of the Moon
because she caresses you
just as i want to do
But what use is such
an ethereal lover?
She can only hover
above you
distant and cold
while we sit here
growing older
by the minute
There's just no sense in it
not while i've got blood in my veins
what's the point to all this restraint
I am here
and warm
and willing
and you are killing me
with this sleeping beauty act
I'm tired of being tactful
we're both beautiful and young
and i want you to come
to me
right now
and confess
or better yet
don't even speak
just wake up
rouse yourself from sleep
and leave the rest to me...

~ me

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