Cats Who Do And Have Owned Me

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This Way

A stray male who comes twice a day. Pretty soon, he will be inside.

Through The Screen

2 of my 5 cats looking out the door. Wanda and Mooshie are both FIV+ which means that they have AIDS.

Mephisto Frustino

Mephisto has been under the weather (sick) with a lung ailment for a few months. It seemed like today was not a good day.

King Of The Road


Now What ????

This is our new stray cat, Zevon. He is causing a problem with our old stray cat, Yellow, so I think we will need to catch him soon. He is very easy to photograph.

Behind The Screen

Mooshie looking at me through the screen. Mooshie is FIV+ and probably my most favorite cat.

Raven Cloudfoot

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