I Love The Quiet Wild Places...

Sedona, Arizona And Beyond

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I Love The Quiet Wild Places...

We rented a Rubicon and went far out into the Secret Mountain Wilderness - west and north of Sedona. This was as far as my husband was willing to go...I believe we were on Black Mountain.

From Jerome AZ - Christmas Day 2014

All The Way To Flagstaff

There are some mountains on the horizon and they are in Flagstaff, AZ. Perkinsville Rd. is almost visible on the bottom left., and the Secret Mountain Wilderness is in the middle.

Rose Has The Look

Barlow's gave us their premier Rubicon and her name is Rose. We are thinking about buying one.

The Chapel

Psst! The chapel is in the bottom left hand corner. They built it on the rocks. :-)

Cattle Country

Cloud Play

The view from the edge of our neighborhood.

A Restaurant In The Desert

At The other edge of our neighborhood. This restaurant is almost finished. While, I don't think buildings should be here, it used to be a real estate office and the builder is doing a beautiful job.

A Place To Wander

Out in the wilderness,,,,
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