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"The Roots" - Thirst

Back to the roots now
it has nothing to do with stepping back into times forever gone
it's rather a progress to the essential things that we need if we want to survive
because it's the roots now
not the fruit or the whole visible plant that stands the hard season
no there're always only those things deep down there
yes it's the root now
where we're all hanging on, we're depending on, where we all come from
it's not superficial, it's more inside, it's a place where you can hide, where you can fight,
where you get to reveal sanctimony, insincerity, faithlessness and hypocrisy

back to the roots means also back to yourself
you gotta know who you are,
then you know how far you must go to where you really wanna be
you must be more than a copy of your company
back to the roots to see it from the real view
not from the right or left or wrong or new
seeing thru this affectation leaves me like a captive in an alien nation
also back to the roots means back to the woods
it doesn't mean that you go back to the flintstones
no it means that you're natural, a part of this system and this age
you're never independent, as long as you're there