Posted on 03/17/2008

Photo taken on March 17, 2008


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freedom for all under the sun

freedom for all under the sun
The situation in Tibet and China is not getting better. People need all help they can get!

Help China Wake Up! (online petition)

Thousands of Tibetans flee from Tibet over the Himalayas each year. And that's just another example to show the outcry of a tortured nation, of peace loving people suffering under repression for many years now.

China missed important chances in the past few days to show a good sign to let the this years' Olympics in Beijing become a pieceful event, let's hope that things run off for the good!

Click to see a short cartoon about the situation!!!
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"The International Olympic Committee awarded Beijing the 2008 Olympic Games in 2001, contending that the Games will "improve human rights in China" and therefore in occupied Tibet. However, human rights violations remain systematic and widespread.

Also, I encourage you to sign up for the Race for Tibet team at www.RaceForTibet.org so that you too can stay updated and learn how to help save Tibet!"

Six ways to help Tibet!

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Lately I was so surprised that one of my Chinese students told me secretly he's using "Tor". That's a kind of internet client, built in Germany, to avoid internet censorship. I was so happy to see that at least one of my very apathetic students searched actively for a way getting hands on informations from the outside!

In the recent months, I had to realize, it makes no sense telling my students, that they are brainwashed, because they think the same of me! (A little bit truth lies in there, though. . . no one is save from brainwashing. That Tibet was in former times a land of peace, freedom and serenity is also a deterioration of truth.)

My hope is, that curiosity for the "mysterious outside world" is spreading in China through people like that special student of mine. . . then, they will - only slowly - compare both sides and find the truth in between.
9 years ago.
Ke Marshall
Ke Marshall
Nice landscape portrait. It is a shame that everything is becoming more of an oppression than any form of mutual sacrifice and understanding which is needed in all countries. Anything with an agenda with no just cause is very disasterous. Peace to those who try to withstand and try to do the best they can.
9 years ago.
belle atmosphère
7 years ago.