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Blue shine

I bought Sebille a pair of new eyes second hand and I'm now trying to find their maker, because they're almost perfect. If only the pupils were black, instead of dark blue, I could fully enjoy them. She's been impossible to find the perfect eyes for. I've gone through expensive urethanes and glass ones and... maybe I now finally found a pair that'll stick around and I won't have to test new custom urethane combos anymore. I do love glass eyes because they're forever. They don't yellow or turn foggy.

Winter can come now

Min Ki got a new winter coat. I need to try it for the other boys too, but I'm afraid it might be a bit too small....


Lilya got two new coats. I'm hoping they'll also fit the other girls but they might not, because she's so busty. xD But yay for some warmer clothes. My dolls have been lacking coats for years.

Home from school

Home from school


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