Posted on 07/18/2007

Photo taken on October  9, 2004

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1986 FISSURE 16: 1st ENCOUNTER 8/31 3 of 5

1986 FISSURE 16: 1st ENCOUNTER  8/31 3 of 5
Next he glided along the full length of the boat, insuring we all got a good look. He was so close we could hear the water gliding off his back with a whisssh. When he exhaled it was explosive; when he inhaled it sounded like someone whistling in a big hollow tube... wonderful sounds, hard to represent accurately with words but I can still hear them in my head.

In this picture his blowhole was clamped firmly shut; he had just inhaled. You can see the fleshy ridge that forms a V around his nostrils and works as a splash guard. Whales nostrils (and those of most marine mammals) are closed when relaxed and must be pulled open to breathe.

He lay parallel to us for a bit (perhaps scoping us out with one eye), then slowly turned to face us. We were amazed to see him move such a huge body with just gentle gesture of tail and flipper! He was just a younster, a "mere" 35-40 feet long, when full grown he would be 50+ feet!

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