Posted on 12/12/2007

Photo taken on June 27, 2005

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Rufus survives -Photo by Rosie Seton

Rufus survives -Photo by Rosie Seton
Lovely words from Bird:
We are creatures of the sea
the sea swims through us
pulsing through
the tiniest capillary
from the beginning
surrounded in wet
swimming a natural instinct
moving swiftly
through that other atmosphere
that holds us as we slide through
from ice flows to turquoise tropical waters
the sea wraps us in spectacular visions
pulling us into her hidden places
introducing us to a never ending array
of beautiful worlds to share
and wonderful creatures to be
We are creatures of the sea
hunted then moved aside
trapped and poisoned
netted and suffocated
seeking our place
seeking our depth
seeking peace
from predation
and encroaching
a return to a natural balance
We are creatures of the sea


Poem Copyright
© 2005 Frederick D. Perry, All Rights Reserved
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HOT OFF THE PRESS... A NOTE FROM ROSIE at Allied Whale(she took this photo):

Just to give you more info on him, Rufus was our first rescued harbour
seal pup this past 2005 season. He was found near the falls in South
BLue Hill in May (May 19). He still had his lanugo coat as you can see.
He was kept overnight at Kathy's clinic and we took him to the Marine
Animal Lifeline (MAL)
the next day. He was rehabbed successfully and he
was released back into the wild this past August or Sept. (can't
remember). So, he has gone home! I have attached a photo of him in the
MAL pool in rehab in June 24, 2005 when I was down there picking up
Rocky the harp seal for release up here. The round tag on his head is,
as you know, an identifying tag (177) which is less invasive than those
awful cattle tags.
Greg Jakush owes me a release photo of Rufus, so I will get that to you
when I receive it.

Adopt a Whale for Christmas presents.

Some of that money goes to Marine Mammal rescue efforts.

Galah, Waldgeister have particularly liked this photo

joe doe
joe doe
looks cute!
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