Posted on 12/01/2007

Photo taken on September  7, 2003

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Humpback whale jawbone

Humpback whale jawbone
A female humpback washed up on Great Wass Island. She was still pretty entact when we first went to visit her. It was a sad summer with as many as 14 whales found floating or washed ashore in various parts of the Gulf of Maine. All were so far gone that scientists couldn't determine the cause, but red tide was suspected. Red tide seems to flourish when there is a lot of pollution (fertilizer etc.)

We made a cairn to honor her. Or thanks to Garnite and Firemind an inukshuk.

Added 6/14/05:
I am so desparately sad that this fight has to happen again. In the 1970's my then nursery school children got me involved in the first battle to ban whale hunting.

It was only partly successful, but allowed populations of humpbacks, grey whales and right whales to rebound. Now all whales are threatened by pollution (ghost, nets, toxins, the effects of global warming). They cannot stand the extra stress of reintroduced whaling.

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