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soleils dans les blés..

Es ist besser, ein einziges kleines Licht anzuzünden, als die Dunkelheit zu verfluchen. Konfuzius

It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness. Confucius

Praise is like a feather. From time to time any praise, and people get wings. Phil Bosmans

Every day I see that this wisdom is right! Have a great day my friends.

first Club picture

I´m a member now. Let´s check out what´s going on.

K is for Korea

Dear Friends, I´m back from Berlin now and it is time for the next letter. As I thought about words with the letter K I found many german words. If you translate them in English ... they are words with the letter C. (Katze/Cat, Kuchen/Cake ...) So my K is another older picture from South Korea. It was taken in a Temple in the City Seoul. One thing is new: It is my first try with a texture :-) Happy Easter to you!

N is for Newborn Nap

This is my irish friends daughter at the age of two weeks. She was SO tiny and delicate. I could sit hours next to her only watching her sleep. It is so peaceful to look at a baby don´t you think? No one has hurt it yet.


a short sign of life from the desk full of work

V ist for Volkswagen

This is a scanned photo from my Brazil vacation in 2004. In the triangle (Brazil-Argentina-Paraguay) near the Iquazu waterfalls we made a one day trip to Paraguay. It was so shockingly unlike the tidy Brazil. Today, I sure would make the screen layout differently. Nevertheless, I like the photo. Have a great week, friends!
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