Hal Yamagucci's photos

  • a string of red peppers

  • white-painted door

  • pomegranate

  • grapes

  • blackberry jam

    and a slice of home-baked bread.

  • blackberry

    fallen by a strong wind.

  • blackberry

    ripening in our garden.

  • foxes

    guarding a shrine.

  • hydrangea

    rainy season's flower in Japan.

  • gecko, or wall lizard

    small reptile having suction cup-like feet.

  • young cat

    a bright morning visitor.

  • windows

    that frames were painted red.

  • ∞ infinity

    loophole that green glass has been put into.

  • Louise Odier

    the name of the rose.

  • glass atrium

    of a facilities complex for conventions and artistic events, or Tokyo International Forum, located at the very central Tokyo.

  • a train shooter

    on a footpath dividing an irrigated rice field.

  • railroad mosaic

    I traveled with my friends on a small railway line some days ago. It is a wonder that the railroad service within a 100-kilometer radius from central Tokyo is not electrified, running diesel cars along provincial landscapes.

  • rosa laevigata

    one of species of wild roses

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