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A la hora azul .......50 azules

Strolling around .....Maranola

Strolling around Maranola

Y.......... mandó a matar al Niño

Bell towers of the Basilica di Santa Margherita d'Antiochia

Rincones que enamoran; Cinque Terre Vernazza

The Arch of Constantine I, Rome

Arch of Constantine I A STRIKING MONUMENT The block or ‘attic’ storey above the monument’s arches also presents sculpted panels and an inscription in Latin, a common feature of triumphal arches. The inscription, above the central arch, is a long one and is repeated on both sides of the arch. The letters would originally have been inlaid with gilded bronze. It reads: To the emperor Flavius Constantine the Great pious and fortunate, the Senate and People of Rome because by divine inspiration and hi…
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