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Margaritas Daisys

Margaritas Daisys
History of the daisy flower
In 1884, the gerbera was discovered in South Africa by the Scotsman Richard Jameson, however, daisies are believed to be over 4,000 years old. In the history of England, the daisy is known as Day's Eye, and this name is a reference to the way the flower opens and closes in the sun. The way the daisy followed the pattern of the sun led early physicians to believe that the daisy was a cure for eye problems. Not only have daisies been thought to cure eye problems, but apparently King Henry V111 ate daisies to heal his stomach ulcers. It has also been said that a cure for insanity was to drink crushed margaritas sprinkled with wine over a period of 15 days. And it was the Assyrians who used daisies to re-darken gray hair by mixing daisies with oil - today's hairdressers could argue this method! Daisies have long been the flower associated with spring, and there's an expression that spring hasn't come until you've set foot in 12 daisies!

In French, daisy means Marguerite and curiously comes from the Greek word for Pearl. Francis I called his sister Marguerite de Marguerites because she would use them as her device. According to Celtic legend, if children died in childbirth, their spirits scattered daisies on the ground to cheer up their grieving parents. Daisies have all the positive connotations, and their meanings include innocence, purity, and beauty, and due to their dizzying array of bright colors, they also signify joy. The Netherlands and Colombia are today large producers of margaritas.

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