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  • 018/365 - Snuffy in the Big, Old Dollhouse

    One of the things we do at Norm's Dollhouse is fix up old houses. This one is very special. It belongs to a nice lady named Michelle. It was made for her 40 years ago, and now she wants to fix it up for HER little girl. This, we can help with. Snuffy wo…

  • 017/365 - Brave Pilot Snuffy

    Snuffy is ready for takeoff on the super awesome new Norm's Dollhouse nano quadcopter. This thing is seriously awesome. But Miranda thinks that maybe we need to make Snuffy a parachute... just in case.

  • 016/365 - Last Snuffy on the Stairway

    "I don't remember quite how I met you wasn't long ago" (Miri was sick for most of today, so I don't think she was super inspired with this evening's picture. But still, she's keeping up! I'm proud of her!)

  • 015/365 - Snuffy Helps With Dinner

    No, Snuffy! That's Bean's dinner! You put that back!

  • 014/365 - Dancing By the Light of the Full Snuffy

    Miri: This didn't really come out how I wanted it to. But it's too cold to keep going outside and trying. And it wasn't until I uploaded it that I noticed that the moon is sitting exactly on Snuffy's butt (two full moons in one picture!) It wasn't on purp…

  • 02/52 - Love

    Week two of this photo project thingy. So far, so good! This is Miranda and her baby bunny, Bean. Miri loves her bunny. And there's no love like the unconditional love of a critter. They're a great pair. :)

  • 013/365 - Little Snuffy House on the Prairie

    Miranda thinks Snuffy would like a house of his own, but this isn't going to be it. Olga and Hemet, the actual owners of this beautiful log cabin (made by Miranda herself) look none too thrilled about having an elephant in their yard. Relax, Snuffy, Miri'…

  • 012/365 - Snuffy the Pool Hustler

    Miranda is pretty sure she just got hustled by my toy elephant. No, you can NOT push them into the holes with your trunk, Snuffy!

  • 011/365 - Tale of Two Elephants

    Snuffy standing on the front window of the Green Elephant.

  • 0010/365 - Back Home at the Equinox House

    Since the Green Elephant is moving to Norm's Dollhouse for a while, Miranda and Snuffy are back to living at the Equinox house. I think Bean, Miranda's pet bunny, isn't so sure what to make of Snuffy.

  • 009/365 - In-A-Gadda-Da-Snuffy, Baby

    In-A-Gadda-Da-Snuffy, baby. Don't you know that I love you?

  • 008/365 - Midnight Snack for Snuffy

    Miranda almost forgot to take her "One Object 365 Days" photo today. Lucky for her, she caught Snuffy trying to sneak himself a midnight snack. That isn't where she keep the peanuts, little fella.

  • 007/365 - Snuffy Stays in Bed

    Today has been just a stupid, wretched day. So Snuffy is seriously thinking that tomorrow, he's just not going to bother getting out of bed at all. I think he may have the right idea. Bleah.

  • 006/365 - The Snuffy Mop

    Move over Swiffer! Now there's the Snuffy! A mop with all the cleaning power of a tiny toy pachyderm!

  • 005/365 - Snuffy On National Bird Day

    Snuffy says "Yaay birds" on this lovely National Bird Day.

  • 004/365 - Snuffy Makes Snow Elephants

    It is cold, and snowing, and a good day for staying inside. So, of course, Miranda had to take Snuffy outside to make snow elephants.

  • 01/52 - Self Portrait

    001 - Self Portrait: A Pixie and Her Elephant. Anyway, this is Snuffy. I'm starting a "One Object/365 Days" project with him to show my roommate that she's lame. She told me I wouldn't be able to keep up with a 365 project. I told her I could. Only one…

  • 003/365 - It's Too Late for Coffee, Snuffy!

    10:52 p.m. is much too late for drinking coffee, Snuffy. An elephant has to get some beauty sleep, you know.

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