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DJI 0032

31 Jul 2017 153
Entrance to 600yd range

DJI 0031

31 Jul 2017 172
Target end of 600yd range. Also seen is the Deer Run area.

DJI 0030

31 Jul 2017 175
Trap and Skeet fields

DJI 0036

31 Jul 2017 186
500yd (left) and 600yd (right) ranges. Along left, 2 skeet ranges and a trap. range. At the far left end, 100yd "Pistol Palace" At the end of the 500yd is the 25yd and 70yd ranges.

Puella Lupum

01 Jul 2017 151
Level 27

20170511 233130


20 Apr 2017 193
Here is my fully assembled tube ready for alignment using normal methods but now you have complete freedom to move the tube within its brackets. When the alignment is complete, snug down the outer thumbwheels against the outer frame. This will lock the hangar screws in place to prevent them from moving.


20 Apr 2017 134
Insert and tighten the top screw as well. The bracket should be very solid now. As you did for the top M4x25 hanger screw, thread the horizontal hanger screw into the tube ring, no more than 2-3mm max. Then tighten the nut against the ring as you did with the top hangar screw.


20 Apr 2017 134
Place the door in place and attach it with M4x20 screws. I did the bottom ones first as it seamed easiest. Use a ball head allen wrench if you have one.


20 Apr 2017 128
Thread the top M4 screw into the tube ring. Don't screw it in any more than 2-3mm or you could drive it into the tube and shatter it. Using needle nose pliers, tighten the nut against the ring so the screw can't turn. Don't over tighten it. Snug is good enough. To avoid having to use pliers, you can print two additional thumb wheels for each bracket. Then you can simply screw it against the ring. Your choice.


20 Apr 2017 124
Assemble the other M4x25 screw as shown on the two door piece. Set aside for now. Do this for both brackets.


20 Apr 2017 124
Assemble the a M4x25 screw as shown. Do this for both brackets.


20 Apr 2017 134
BEFORE you attach the rings, be sure to attach your water hoses and bleed any air in the tube before continuing with the assembly. Bubbles in the tube cause a reduction on cooling and hot spots on the glass which could lead to premature tube failure due to glass stress fractures. Attach the rings to your tube but on the the outside of the outer bracket and on the side farthest away from Mirror #1. This allows you easy access to the screw holes to install the M4x15 screws. Tighten the screws fully. The ring does not bear on the glass, the foam pad or silicone tubing (whichever you chose to use) will buffer the tube. Over tightening the screws will not damage your tube as the ring is 55mm for a 50mm tube leaving 2.5mm all the way around your tube. Once both rings are in place and twisted so they are aligned the same, lift the tube and scoot it forward toward Mirror #1 aligning the rings inside the two brackets.


20 Apr 2017 121
When attaching the rings, be sure to orient the two halves as shown. The recesses for the silicone tubing (or as I used, foam pad) should form a perfect triangle.


20 Apr 2017 133
Place your tube in the outer brackets and space it well farther back from Mirror #1 than you want it to eventually be.


20 Apr 2017 145
Mount the outer brackets to the chassis using the old screws. You can insert a ball head metric allen wrench through the top slot to easily tighten the screws.

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