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  • Wat Khuean Ubolratana in Khon Khaen

    An amazing temple complex out the main road nearby the Ubolratana dam in Khon Khaen province. The name is from the princess and Thailands king oldest daughter HRH Ubol Ratana

  • Rittong in dress for ceremony

    Rittong, an eighteen year Balinese girl in Kesiman/Denpasar before going to the Pengrebongan ceremony.

  • Barong comes very close

    Barong is probably the most well known dance. It is also another story telling dance, narrating the fight between good and evil. This dance is the classic example of Balinese way of acting out mythology, resulting in myth and history being blended into on…

  • At the market near the temple festival

    Around temple ceremony in Kesiman a quarter in the capital Denpasar. Ladies are dressed in the traditional outfit to join the temple ceremony. The Selempot (temple sash) is most important to wear into the temples area.

  • Onlooker at the Pengrebongan ceremony

    Balinese spectators and worshippers at the Pengrebongan festival in Pura Dalam Kesiman. Nerebong or ngurek is one tradition done in Bali. the Pengrebongan commonly performed in the Dalam temple in Kesima only. A destination for thousands of spectators com…

  • Ni Kadek Mayang Sari

    This photo is posted out of my normal sets. Its captured with a cheap and simple Chinese smartphone camera. The result of the colors were not acceptable and unbearable. Bat after converting in b/w the result is like nostalgic. Its capture during a Galung…

  • Playing card during the day of silence

    Adii, the girl dancing in the costume of Vishnu a day before, is playing cards with her neighbor friends on the day of silence. It means no working, no noise, no fire or light, including no electricity, no TV no radio, no traveling, strikt fasting and no…

  • Last fixing for the dance as Vishnu

    Is everything perfect fixed, the dance as Vishnu is going on. All the dresses, costumes and masks are belong to the commune of the village Sembung.

  • Gek Adii and her mother Ibu Agung Raka

    The girl without the costume as Vishnu. Adii already started Balinese dancing in the age of 12 years.

  • Get dressed and fixed for the Nyepi dancing

    A relative and cousin of my Balinese friend, her name is Gek Adii and she is in the age of 16. She get makeup and dressed in traditional costume as the deity Vishnu for the Nyepi dancing performed on the village market place.

  • Gek Adii is ready for her dance performance

    After working more than half an hour for dressing, fixing and makeup, Gek Adii in the age of 16 years is ready for her occurs - after my photoshoot in the dressing room. Her costume shows her as Vishnu, one of the most significant deities in Hinduism.

  • Rakshasa looking in your eyes

    Neighboring man is dressed as Rakshasa. In Hindu mythology, a type of demon or goblin. Rakshasas have the power to change their shape at will and appear as animals, as monsters, or in the case of the female demons, as beautiful women. They are most powerf…

  • Happy New Nyepi Year 1938

    I am in Sembung/Mengwi on Bali celebrating the Balinese New Year 1938. Today is the day of silence, every action outside the house, all light outside is banned and the island is total quiet. My photo shot yesterday shows an Ogoh-Ogoh statue of a demon whi…

  • Rakshasas dancing

    The neighboring man in Sembung dressed in Rakshasa costume is showing his performance in front of an audience of hundreds local spectators, a scene out from the Hindu mythology. The story says that Rakshasas were created from the breath of Brahma when he…

  • Young worshipper at the Pengrebongan festival

    Young Balinese boy with his traditional Udeng headdress. Its a symbolic of the Balinese ‘Ulu Candra’, which are signs meaning the Hindu Trinity.

  • Rangda turns around the Pengrabonang temple

    While Rangda is seen as fearsome and by many as the personification of evil, she is also nevertheless considered a protective force in certain parts of Bali, much like Kali is seen as a benevolent mother goddess The gods and the goddesses will enter their…

  • Pengrebongan celebration in Kesiman

    The Pengrebonga festival in Kesiman/Denpasar is celebrated every half a (Balinese) year it means every 210 days. The Barong is carried three time around the temple premise and many believers, worshipping to the temple, get in deep trance. Somebody can die…

  • An Ogoh-Ogoh statue holds the globe

    It seems the demon is playing with the globe. The globe now plays crazy every where. Last statue enters the scene, but the action kept going on until deep at night. The statues are up to 7 meters tall and can be very heavy. With the help of a bamboo grid…

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