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  • Suspension bridge over Muong Hoa river

    Going to visit Muong Hoa, we were trekking along Muong Hoa River crossing the river by the suspension bridge, sneaking through the valley nearby Sa Pa town.

  • Along the Muong Hoa river

    Amazing scenery of the Muong Hoa valley with its river.

  • Trekking in the province of Sa Pa

    We were spending a few days in Sa Pa and noticed that the Yao women tribes to be as touring guides is serious business. Indeed the Yao guide leaded us to amazing view points.

  • Sa Pa paddy fields

    Most the local citizen have their income by paddy cultivation. Its nearly unbelievable how much hard work is necessary for rice harvesting in this mountainous region.

  • Encounter with Red Dao tribes

    Red Dao girls in traditional clothes offer crochetings to buy as souvenirs. The women usually wear a long blouse over trousers. Their clothes are colourfully embroidered with designs that appear on both sides of the material.

  • Red Dao woman Xing Thong

    Xing Thong was leading us as our trekking guide and the host in the home stay guesthouse.

  • Landscape all around Sa Pa

    The scenery of the Sa Pa region in large part reflects the relationship between the minority people and nature. This is seen especially in the paddy fields carpeting the rolling lower slopes of the Hoàng Liên Mountains.

  • Buffalo looks over the edge

    Water buffalos, adapted for life in wetlands, are important working animals used extensively in paddy field farming.

  • Kids in an hill tribes village

    Every small settlement or housing we passed the kids immediately run with us trekkers for a short while expecting candies or other gifts. The common sentence "one dollar please" isn't far!?

  • Rest stop during Sa Pa trekking

    Rest with our trekking Yao guides. Some of our guides are survivors of a bad history happen some years before, and some have managed to return to be guides, often bravely escaping on their own accord, and are now rebuilding their lives. Despite all of the…

  • Chee and Nhia our trekking companion

    The Hmong names Chee means "shining" and Nhia means "silver" or just "money". Yao people are using remarkable names meanings. Its my pleasure to mark namews from persons who I encounter on my tour.

  • Paddy field in province Sa Pa

    Terraced rice fields in Sa Pa were voted as one of seven most beautiful and impressive ones of Asia and the world. We passed rice farmers and their terraced rice fields.

  • Yao women meeting in Sa Pa

    Yao women offer their service for being trekking guides. The Viet people have had a profound effect on their culture and beliefs. Not only did they originate in Vietnam, but they were also once quite powerful in this country.

  • Railway station Lao Cai

    Lao Cai is the starting point to our tour to Sa Pa. We arrived this small provincial capital after an overnight ride with the Sapa Train. Sa Pa has no railway station, but it's about 38 km from Lao Cai railway station.

  • Altar in the temple on Fansipan top station

    At the temple, one would often see tables laid with fresh fruits and flowers. Buddhists place these items upon the altars in appreciation for the Buddha’s teachings, and blessings bestowed by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

  • Inside the temple on Fansipan top station

    Colorful inside decoration with a staute of Confucius, master of ethical-sociopolitical teachings.

  • Chinese temple on Fansipan mountain top

    A Chinese temple was built on the platform of top station where visitors can come to worship and pray.

  • Reach the top station of Fansipan Legend

    It normally takes climbers two days to cross the challenging route to reach the top of Fansipan, but everyone can now touch what is also known as ‘Indochina’s Roof’ within 15 minutes thanks to the cable car system.

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