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  • Northern Thailand Nov. 2012

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  • Stairways up to Wat Chom Thong Buddha

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  • Wat Chom Thong

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  • Way into the town of Mae Sariang

    A relatively small town, Mae Sariang sits in the southern reaches of Mae Hong Son province at the junction of highway 105 and 108. Smuggling business aside, Mae Sariang has a fair degree of charm in its own right -- there's lots of wooden buildings, a han…

  • Monks enter the temple complex

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  • Wat Sri Bunruang

    Two adjacent Burmese-Shan temples, Wat Jong Sung and Wat Si Bunruang is just off Mae Sariang's main street, are definitely worth a visit. It was built in 1896 and has slender, Shan-style chedi and wooden monastic buildings.

  • Wat Jong Soong in Mae Sariang

    The temple was built in 1838 by Shan monks and Shan people. The Sahn monk looked after the temple until there was a big fire in the town Mylonggee later called Mae Sariang. This big disaster completely damaged the temple. So the people donated the money t…

  • Mae Chaem village

    The views are stupendous with the north western slopes of Inthanon overlooking Mae Chaem and the scenic river of the same name passing through the valley. We had our own transport and then it was a good place to base for exploring nearby Inthanon whilst a…

  • Beautiful landscape around Doi Inthanon

    A breathtaking landscape at Mae Cham and around awakes every nature love to start a trekking tour, passing many paddy fields where locals crow up sticky rice.

  • On an beside route along Doi Inthanon

    Doi Inthanon is Thailand's highest peak with an altitude of 2,565 m. This mountain is an ultra prominent peak and was also known in the past as Doi Luang, meaning big mountain) or Doi Ang Ka, meaning the crow's pond top.

  • Painting in Wat Neiramit Vipassana

    Famous Thai temple muralist Pramote Sriphrom spent years painting images of jataka tales on the interior walls of the massive bòht, which also hosts a copy of the Chinnarat Buddha in Phitsanulok's Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat.

  • Buddha altar in Wat Neiramit Vipassana

    An inside photo from the Buddha place in the way main building.

  • Wat Neiramit Vipassana

    The wat is dedicated to the memory of the late Luang Pu Mahaphan, a much-revered local monk.

  • Wat Neiramit Vipassana

    This is a beautiful site with a brick or stone Ubosot which contains a statue of Phra Buddha Chinnaraj Jumlong. The temple grounds and gardens are kept in great shape and are very clean. The chedi behind the Ubosot contains the remains of an important mon…

  • Wat Phon Chai in Dan Sai

    Wat Phon Chai is the center of activity for the Phi Ta Khon festival in Dan Sai. It's hard to say how old the temple is, but it was probably founded several hundred years ago at least. The main buildings are just a small chapel as shown on this photo and…

  • Mask for Pee Ta Khon Ghost festival

    Its sometimes known as Ghost Festival and the most common name for a group of festivals held in Dan Sai in the Loei province. The events take place over three days some time between March and July every year.

  • Pond bird finds a small home stay

  • Fishers at the early morning

    An early tour on the lake brings us close to the fishers who try to catch carp fish.

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