The Floating Market ตลาดน้ำ

Mueang Boran, Ancient Siam, เมืองโบราณ

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  • Buddha statue near Mueang Boran

    Buddha is watching to every where and teaches the buddhist ideology. The human should follow his device but most people just do the opposite and live in high style to show off the rich and the mighty.

  • Wat Asokaram at the entrance to Mueang Boran

    This temple lys outside the area of the Ancient Siam just some 100 meters before the entrance. Its beautiful region around and the building itself gives the temple a fascinating vista.

  • Stupa of Phra Maha That, Nakhon Si Thammarat พระบรมธาตุ นครศรีธรรมราช

    The monastery is a remarkable architectural reminder of the artistic virtuosity of the southern Thai architects. The original stupa, where the Buddha relics are housed, was built during the reign of King Si Thammasokarat in 555 A.D. when Nakhon Si Thammar…

  • Pallava Group of Images, Phang-nga เทวรูปปัลลวะ พังงา

    The images of the three Hindu deities, Vishnu, Shiva and Laksamee were carved out of stone by Pallava sculptors living in southern India around the 8th-9th centuries A.D. Later during the fifth reign in Rattanakosin period King Rama VI, who was still the…

  • Stupa of Phra Maha That, Chaiya, Surat Thani

    The Phra Maha That is one of the most sacred and important monasteries in the south of Thailand. The structure of this stupa is similar to the Chandi Pawana Chedi in Indonesia, the mondop style chedi, which was modeled after Chandimendut Chedi of Java. Th…

  • Streetcar running around the area

    The whole area Mueang Boran is too big to visit all showplace by foot. Before it was allowed to drive the own car into the museums area. Either people hire a bicycle or a caddy for driving the long distances, its also offered a free service to go by a str…

  • Monks as tourists in Mueang Boran

    Also many groups of monks visiting the marvelous open air museum and us e the service of the streetcar. Young student girls prefer riding the bike so they can stop at every point as long as they want.

  • Visiting Mueang Boran by bicycle

    The premise of the open air museum is very large, local visitors from a nearby high school are visiting the area by riding bikes which can be hired at the entrance.

  • Inside an old Thai corner house

    The coffee shop is equipped like 50 years ago. Even the television and the gramophone comes from the olden days. Visitors can use the shop for a rest an order coffee or cold drinks or tea.

  • Inside a Barber shop at the old days in Thailand

    There isn't any service anymore in this shop but the equipment is from the old days, a waving cloth on the celling is used as a fan and the hair clipper is fixed on the celling too. The historic radio at the background still is running.

  • Nang Yai หนังใหญ่ (shadow puppet show)

    “Nang Yai” is one of Thailand’s traditional dramatic art forms that combines a number of different artistic crafts into one. In terms of visual arts, the elaborate and detailed traditional design of the characters ore first drawn by a master artist. Then…

  • Making the Nang Yai หนังใหญ่

    An handicraftsman shows how to cut out from buffalo skin a Nang Yai puppet. The products are to be sold for reasonable prices to visitors.

  • Nang Yai หนังใหญ่ for sale as souvenirs

    Beautiful hand made Nang Yai are sold to visitors as souvenirs. An ideal small present to carry out as a memory to this museum.

  • The stage for Thai puppetry

    For hundreds of years, Thailand's puppeteers have entertained both royal courts and village crowds with shadow puppets and marionettes. Historically the Ramakien, Thailand's version of the ancient Indian Ramayana epic, provided puppeteers with their subje…

  • Thai puppetry in Ancient Siam

    The art of puppet making - or hadtasin - requires great attention to detail. Marionettes consist of a frame covered with papier-mâché. Most of the frame is made of wood. Parts that must be able to move independently - like the head, neck, and hands - are…

  • A Thai village rebuilt in Mueang Boran

    View through a gate in one of the many traditional-style houses.

  • Monks visiting Mueang Boran

    Monks from the nearby monastery came to visit the open air museum. The first point starts with a visit in a old Thai village and its market.

  • Spirit house in the old market town ศาลพระภูมิ

    The houses are intended to provide a shelter for spirits which could cause problems for the people if not appeased. The shrines often include images of people and animals. Votive offerings are left at the houses to propitiate the spirits. More elaborate i…

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