Saen Saeb got an unused canal

Khlong Saen Saeb คลองแสนแสบ

Khlong Saen Saeb is a major canal and waterway starting in downtown Bangkok. It connects the Chao Phraya River with the provinces of Prachin Buri and Chachoengsao in eastern Thailand. Saen Saep means hundred thousand pains, but even famous linguists aren't sure the correct meaning of Saen Saep: Some say it means hundred thousand mosquito bites, the Khlong area is a hatchery for midges, some peop…  (read more)

Nong Chok village

18 Jan 2011 4 3 853
The simple houses always are equipped with all the needs: Power connection, telephone, fresh water pipes and - off course - color TV by satellite or antenna.

Stop at the water gate in Nong Chok village

18 Jan 2011 1 574
This was the end of our Khlong-tour. A watergate stops every boating. If the boat isn't too heavy and people can carry bypass the watergate. At the other side the Khlong goes further 31 km and mouths into the Bang Pa Kong River in Chachoengsao province. I plan my next tour with a rubber dingy which can be carried to the other side of the watergate. People say that the further 30 km even are as exciting and marvelous as the way we came that day.

Nong Chok at Khlong Saen Saeb

18 Jan 2011 1 3 744
Nong Chok also is a interesting destination for individual travelers who like to escape the busy life in Bangkok. Before we returned back to home we got convinced about this small village and its sapid opportunities to enjoy some days at that place. Its also a featured stop on many organized amazing bicycle tours, it remains completely unknown to most tourists who come to Bangkok, even though it is in very close proximity to the big city. The lifestyle and the rural countryside ambiance of this small town is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of urban Bangkok.

Different views on the way back

18 Jan 2011 1 769
The fishers at the Khlong side moved their nets into the water the last time before getting dark. The Khlong became an other atmosphere on the way back home. The sun was nearly gone to set and the light got ideal for me as the photographer. The best time for photo shooting but very short. We'd to hurry much, steering the boat without light in darkness is dangerous.

Al-Ih San Mosque

18 Jan 2011 2 2 1008
The Mullah was calling the worshippers to come to the mosque for their prayer. Some villagers hurried up over the bridge running to the mosque. The life at the Khlong changed into a deep calmness.

Khlong Saen Saeb in the evening light

18 Jan 2011 1 2 923
The last minutes of sunlight on that day. The scenes beside the canal came into a colorful natural coulisse.

Last fishing out of the Khlong that day

18 Jan 2011 3 1 1152
Villagers pulled up the net rack. We still could hear the prayer from the nearby mosque out the loudspeakers which are fixed along the footbridge.

Residents waving us on an overhead crossing

18 Jan 2011 3 1 723
It surely wasn't common for this people to see us "Tourists" steering our own boat along the Khlong at late afternoon. Last opportunity for last shots with my camera.

Samunyinam Mosque minarets in sunset light

18 Jan 2011 10 6 1439
A quiet and peaceful mood every where we looked, no wind and the water surface absolute calm. It was a marvelous day and a fabulous ending of our tour.

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