Kawthaung in Myanmar

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  • Sai Mai in the Ismuth of Kra

    Our berth when we check in and check out for Burmese immigration administrations. The liaison officer is boarding our boat for the whole tour in Burmese waters.

  • Kawthaung peninsula and the Thai mainland

    Kawthaung is just 5 nautical miles from Ranong and it takes only 30 minutes from Ranong by long tail boat for sightseeing and shopping. The main business of Kawthaung is trade with Thailand, fishing, rubber and cashew nuts.

  • Kawthaung

    Kawthaung is in the southernmost part of Burma, located in Tanintharyi Region. During British rule in Burma between 1824 and 1948, it was known as Victoria Point.

  • Cafe shop in Kawthaung

    While we waited for getting back our documents from the port officers, we spent our time in a Cafe shop at the harbor. Some Burmese girls offered their service to reduce the time of waiting and made it more enjoyable.

  • Kawthaung and its street life

    A few restaurants in the Burmese palace replica building are located in front of the Kawthaung harbor.

  • A rainbow over Kawthaung

  • Lonely pinnacle on the way back

    Back to Kawthaung we passed many of this pinnacles which we missed when we started our tour two weeks before. At the background the mainland of Thailand.

  • Pinnacle range along the tour back

    We passed many uninhabited small islands on our tour to the Mergui Archipelago.

  • Sunset mood near Kawthaung

    Every twilight we had during our tour in Burma was so much colorful, we couldn't get enough of that beautiful vista.

  • Sun already set

    The last minutes sun light before the sky changed into dark and the first stars can be seen.

  • The way out from Kawthaung

    At the evening hours, after finishing the administration in the Kawthaung port, we left the bay enjoying an amazing sun set view.

  • Sunset at the ocean skyline

    Minutes later the sun disappears, the rays still light the sky for a short time after sunset.

  • Natural color performace

    One of the most spectacular natural scenes I've ever seen. The color and the formation at the sky changed from minute to minute.

  • Last minutes of the natural spectacle

  • Sunset with a natural color spectacle

    This was the unforgettable minutes we had during last days of our tour in Burma. Just an hours later the weather changed into thunderstorm and high waves.

  • Sunset at the skyline

    Last evening before return to Kawthaung

  • Cloud sculptures at the skyline

    The clouds at the horizon gave the imagination for an exiting natural theater.

  • Spectacular sunset atmosphere

    Colorful clouds at the skyline and above.

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