Three Hmong girls in different costumes

Luang Prabang and the north of Laos

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  • Bouamphanh village

    Getting dark, the twilight is coming. We'd to hurry to reach our next destination to stay overnight. Its extremely dangerous to drive in the night.

  • Along the "1B side road" to Boun Tai village

    Boun Tai village was the destination to stay overnight. Along the byroad "1B" we met all kind of traffic like motorcycles or the overland bus Phongsali - Vientiane.

  • Picheumua village

    The last village we passed Picheumua (or Pichermai) during daylight. The following hundred Kilometers to the overnight stay Boun Tai village were very risky and took an other four hours. In this area no law is hold, outlaw people often attack and rape the…

  • Namly village in sunset light

    A small village called Namly was the last place we've seen in the sunset light.

  • Boun Tai village

    When we reached Boun Tai village for our over night stay we were very surprised that all guesthouses and resorts were booked full. A local government election was happen that the people came from every outside direction to join the event. Some four Kilome…

  • Next little village after Boun Tai

    Some simple tribes villages often are placed on risky mountainsides. Disasters like landslides or mud avalanche often are destroying many houses.

  • Crossing Nam Boun

    Nam Boun is one of the small jungle streams. We crossed the river by a rope bridge to visit the village behind.

  • Bleary mini hamlet near Boun Tai

    After we entered the village no people were outside the houses. Some came out with curious questions where we come from and where we go to. Thai language is helpful but it isn't their language at all.

  • Two little jungle creeks

    The Nam Leng river flows into the Nam Boun river.

  • Other unknown village in the middle of the jungle

    ... but equipped with satellite dish and color TV.

  • Road through the hamlet

    Many little villages laying on the dirt road to the next junction Ban Yo, where the dirt road goes into the perfect asphalt road joining China with Phongsali.

  • Hilltribes village at the hill

    Some villages are inhabited some abandoned. When the farmland is leached out the villagers move to an other place.

  • Intersection Ban Yo

    The intersection is the street junction where the dirt road goes into the asphalt road "1A" coming from the China border Pakha going to Ou Thai and the Chinese border Bosao totally in the North of Laos and the spring of the Nam Ou river. The Chinese keep…

  • Way to Boun Neua

    The next city and the air field is Boun Neua. On the way to this city we passed more and more small villagers, the area getting more populated.

  • Boun Neua

    Boun Neua is more of a bus rest stop than a destination, Boun Neua is a small town more memorable as being the site of the airport for Phongsali rather than any tourist activity. The town is small, comprising of half a dozen shops, a small market and two…

  • Boun Neua intersection

    The town is interesting enough and the people are certainly welcoming, however that is the extent of the interest. Travellers may find the isolation a change, but the same isolation feel is on offer all throughout Phongsali province.

  • Bus terminal of Boun Neua

    There should be more than two buses passing through Boun Neua per day. There is a once daily Phongsali - Boun Neua - Ou Tai - Ou Neua - Lantui - Jiangcheng (China) bus and one in the opposite direction. There's also a Phongsaly - Boun Neua - Mengla (China…

  • Landscape to Phongsali

    The mountainous landscape is very cliffy or jagged, the altitude not so much high but the roads turn from one hairpin curve to the other.

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