Three Hmong girls in different costumes

Luang Prabang and the north of Laos

Among Wolfgang's albums

Passenger boat to meet halfway on the Nam Ou

Life scene at the Nam Ou riverbank

Small raft on Nam Ou river

Beautiful landscape at the Nam Ou riverside

Fishing net at the Nam Ou bank

Buffalos relax on the riverside of Nam Ou

A very small passage way goes on Nam Ou

Kids play at the Nam Ou riverbank

Bigger village beside the Nam Ou river

Life scene with playing children at the riverbank

Passengers and their baggage

Oncoming fishing boat on Nam Ou

Nam Ou river scenes

Small hamlet at Nam Ou riverside

Waiting passengers at Nam Ou riverside

Oncoming high speed boat on the Nam Ou

Further view to the Nam Ou riverside

Premises on the hill at the Nam Ou river

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