Three Hmong girls in different costumes

Luang Prabang and the north of Laos

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  • Our tour in northern Laos

    The map shows the tour we went in Dec. 2009.

  • Our tour in northern Laos

    The map shows the tour we went in Dec. 2009.

  • Walking street in Luang Prabang

    First destination of every traveller. The walking street called Sisavangvong is changed in minutes to a night market every evening during high seasons.

  • Shop by shop along the cities mainroad

    No much hectic rush disturbs the mood along the shopping road in Luang Prabang.

  • Look out the window too long?

  • Wat Choumkhongsourintharame

    Better known as Wat Choum Khong, due nobody can get this long name in his mind. The wat is a small Laotian monastery on Sotika Kuman Road, one of the roads the run parallel to the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers in Luang Prabang. The temple was started in 184…

  • Beside the river bank of Mekong

    Many restaurants located along the river bank of Mekong giving a nice view to the other side.

  • Mekong the heart of Laos

    View from a restaurants balcony to the other side of the Mekong river.

  • Restaurant with amazing view

    Sitting at the balcony makes to enjoy the food and view to the Mekongs riverine traffic.

  • Wat Paphaimisaiyaram

    Shortly called Wat Pa Phai is located on Sakkarine Road, on the corner with Savang Vatthana road, in Luang Prabang. The name Wat Pa Phai means Monastery of the Bamboo Forest. In fact, if you see names of temples with the word "Pa" or "Pak" in it, there is…

  • Inside Wat Pa Phai

    The exact date when this Luang Prabang III (Xieng Khouang) style temple was constructed is unknown; Louis Finot and Henri Parmentier placed its construction in 1645 during the reign of King Suriyavongsa (1638-1690), but Chao Khaminanh Vongkot Rattana, his…

  • The entrance door into the Wat Pa Phai

    The sim was extensively rebuilt in 1932 when three dormitories were constructed nearby. It was restored between 1966 and 1969, at which time ancient murals below the porch were replaced with new oil paintings, regrettably pale imitations of the originals.…

  • Monks in the yard of Wat Pa Phai

    At Wat Pa Phai we struck up a conversation with a couple of friendly novice monks who were eager to practise their English.

  • Stupas in front of Wat Pa Phai

    The wat was originally built in simple style featuring a single nave, porch and a single roof, with a single stupa erected in front; the facade and the wall below the porch were covered with murals.

  • Restaurants and coffee bars along Sakkarine Road

    Sakkarine Road in Luang Prabang is the center of tourists meetings. You'll find and meet new contacts very soon at the street restaurants and coffee shops.

  • Simple nice restaurant to relax

    Easy to discover good rest places to enjoy good Laotian food.

  • National Museum Luang Prabang

    Built by the French colonial government for King Sisavangvong between 1904 and 1909 on the foundations of a much older palace building, the former Royal Palace was taken over by the revolutionary government in 1975 and reopened to the public as a national…

  • Food vendors sell out along the street

    Its always a pleasure for me and my family to buy food from the street vendors - mostly much more delicious than in most restaurant and much cheaper. But new coming visitors are better advised to be careful about the hygiene and the kind of food, sometime…

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