Zeppelin flight has ended

Flight with Zeppelin over Lake Constance

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Zeppelin flight has ended

Some people say, the Zeppelin NT is a lighter-than-air aircraft. That is why the German, Swiss and Austrain people say "fahren". This is not quite correct. The Zeppelin NT takes off with a static weight of approx. 350 kg. Therefore, it is heavier than air and that means the Zeppelin is flying, in German language "fliegen". A hot-air balloon is a lighter-than-air aircraft. The Zeppelin NT climbs using its three engines, whereas a balloon climbs solely by means of helium or hot air.

Boarding the Zeppelin NT

Boarding the airship is more problematic than other aircrafts. Depending on the configuration, 12 or 14 passengers can be accomodated in the comfortable passenger gondola. There are two seats on the flightdeck, naturally for the pilot and flight attendant. The boarding is mutual. When two passengers leave the airship then two new passengers can board it, and so on ...

Flight over Tettnang

The other Zeppelin had his flight to Ravensburg and we're going on to Lindau. The last view out the Zeppelin window to the second Zeppelin in Friedrichshafen. On the ground seen the agricultural fields as corn, wheat and other grain.

Friedrichshafen at backside

View back out the rear window of the Zeppelin NT seen the city Friedrichshafen. (NT is the meaning for "new technology")

Cockpit view out the Zeppelin

The Zeppelin NT is certified for single pilot operations, the second seat is often used by a flight attendant during tourist operations. One captain controlled the Zeppelin. He explained us passengers how to fly the airship and the function of the instrument panel the handles, screens and displays.

Wasserburg am Bodensee as aerial view

Wasserburg am Bodensee (don't mix up with Wasserburg am Inn) is one of the three Bavarian municipalities on the shores of Lake Constance. It is a well known resort, sought out for the supposedly healthy nature of its atmosphere.

Bird's eye view of Lindau island

Out the window of a zeppelin view of the island Lindau at Lake Constance in Bavaria.

Lindau downtown view from the air

Seen Lindau main street In Der Grub and the church Münster Unserer Lieben Frau nearby the Protestant church St. Stefan. The Zeppelin flow in an altitude of only 200 meters.

Lindau harbour from above

The harbour of Lindau was the destination of the Zeppelin flight before we returned back to the home port in Friedrichshafen. Lindau’s harbour entrance draws visitors from far and wide. The Bavarian Lion and the New Lighthouse stand majestically against the impressive backdrop of the Alps and Lake Constance. The town’s is renowned for having the most beautiful harbour entrance on the whole of the lake and can now see from the bird eyes view.
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