Nonthaburi City Hall

Nonthaburi and Bangkok Noi

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Nonthaburi City Hall

The veranda of the old City Hall of Nonthaburi

This old city hall is build from teak wood. Unfortunately it goes to rack and ruin.

School pupils cross the Chao Phraya

Many pupils have to cross the Kings river to get to school and have to pay the full fee. Not much for us but a lot for them because they haven't any alternative to pay it twice a day.

The entrance into the Wat Chalaem Prakiat

On the banks of the Chaophraya River north of Bangkok, King Rama III built a large and impressive temple to commemorate his mother, who once lived in the area. The temple was built within an old fortification built by King Narai of Ayuthaya in the seventeenth century. The outer wall, in particular the side facing the river, still resembles a fortress. The temple consists of a large ubosot (ordination hall), flanked by two smaller wiharns (prayer halls). All three buildings feature roofs with gables richly d…

Thai Sala in the Suan Chalerm Kanchanapisek

Although relatively new, the park already has good shady places to rest and watch the scenery. Several beautiful buildings dot the park. The administration offices and service staff are both housed in very traditional Thai styled houses raised on poles. Near the center of the park, a sort of gazebo with a towering gilded spire sits in a lake, while on the river bank are a set of small pavilions more traditional in style.

Suan Chalerm Phrakiat

For the fiftieth anniversary of King Rama IX's accession to the throne, a new park was built on the west bank of the Chaophraya River north of Bangkok, in Nonthaburi. The park is next to the 150-year old temple of Wat Chalerm Phrakiat.

The Monk's quarters in the temple grounds.

Behind the ubosot is a large white-washed chedi built by King Rama IV (Mongkut) in the mid-nineteenth century. The outer wall of the stairway leading up to the base of the chedi has a bas relief Chinese dragon emblazoned on it. All of the buildings sit in a large compound still filled with trees, unlike most temples in the city. Behind the northern wiharn is a sort of folly. A man-made mountain with a waterfall and 'cave' which you can walk through to reach the wiharn.

A residence of HRH Princess Ubol Ratana at the other riverside

At the other side of the Chao Phraya river the loved daughter of the King of Thailand keeps an apartment in this building

Wat Chalerm Phrakiat

A view through the green branches of a park tree. On weekends and holidays the park is crowded by Bangkokian commoners spending a picnic break in the park.
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