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  • Fishing artist

    Last impression of the artistic style from the Intha people: Standing at the edge of the small boat with one leg, rowing the boat only with the other leg, throw out the net with both free hands, wearing a Longyi, the Burmese sarong for men. If I would try…

  • On the way back to Nanthe village

    On the early morning during our return to the Heho airport we had the enjoyment of the last scenes on the Inle lake which gave us the wish for a soon return to this amazing place with its imposing friendly people.

  • The lake in morning sunshine

    Enjoy the early morning hours seeing scenes with the local residents doing their fishing work. The rising sun gives a marvelous color light over the lake.

  • Morning idyll on the waterway

    Every early morning the Inle lake is showing the scenes of hundreds fishing men, setting the fish traps. An unforgettable view.

  • Fishing in small groups

    Herding a school of fish into their nets by hitting the water with their oars.

  • Fishing in the early morning

    Best scenes happen during the early morning when a slight mist lie over the lake.

  • Sunset view from the veranda

    After a busy day of sightseeing we relaxed on the porch and enjoyed the dreamlike sunset every early evening.

  • Golden barge in its house

    The boat house next to the Phaung Daw Oo pagoda the Hintha Boat is stored in this hall when not in use. Annually, during the Burmese month of Thadingyut (from September to October), an 18-day festival is held, during which four of the Buddha images are pl…

  • Simple house on the waterway

    Most residents live in simple houses of wood and woven bamboo on stilts and are largely self-sufficient farmers. Here a long tail boat is parking under the house, windows have no glass and bath, shower and toilet is outside on the veranda. Steep steps to…

  • Kyauk Taing village

    Leaning cottage to store firewood and the use for a tool shed.

  • Intha woman doing pottery work

    She is very proud to show her skills about forming pots and caps. Pottery handicraft is common since a long time by the Intha tribes.

  • Intha kids

    While the mother is doing her pottery the kids had fun to repeat our German talking in parrot-fashion with an immediate clear and correct pronunciation.

  • Waterway through the swamp

    Last hundred meters to the lake side and the village of the pottery handicraft center. The canal is too shallow and we had to get off the boat walking through the mud.

  • An ox face portrait

    The ox still is the working partner for almost all Burmese inhabitants but this could change very quickly to the modern alternative of using machines.

  • Way down from the pagoda hill

    A muddy path goes down the pagoda hill from Thaung Tho. We countered the dweller on the oxbarrow and started to chat. Intha, Shan and Pa-O villagers living in Thaung Tho soince a long time in harmony, peace and freedom and celebrate the Thaung Tho Pagoda…

  • Thaung Tho Pagoda

    A short walk along the causeway to the mound of the temples and a foot path to the adjoining Monastery. Thaung Tho Pagoda Festival is held annually. This event is especially interesting for travelers who will get a unique chance to meet the local villager…

  • Pa-O girl

    A lovely expression was shown by this cute girl, when we passed this Pa-O people returning home from their field work.

  • Pa-O mother with her daughter

    The girl is helping her mother carrying home fresh water. In Shan state there are living many of the Karen minority Pa-O. An other minority still living in Burma are the Padaung people, western tourist known as "long necks" or "giraffe women".

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