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  • Intha market women offer their pottery products

    All kinds of potteries is offered to market visitors. Pottery is one of the common handicraft products from Intha people.

  • Shopping on the market

    First stall on the market offers hand made souvenirs from the Intha and Pa-O people. My wife is buying opium weights (one Tika - 15,4g).

  • Long tail boats on the dam

    Reach the market by a diesel engine long tail boat. The noise from the cheaper poorly muffled diesel engines driving the stern drive propellers is significant, and can be a distraction to the otherwise tranquil lake.

  • Market women arrive Heyan Yawama

    The only transportation is the boat. Two women bring their fresh vegetable to the morning market near Heyan Yawama village.

  • Housing on the Inle Lake

    The shallow waters of Inle Lake are home to the Intha people, who actually live on the lake, building their houses on stilts and travelling across the lake by rowing a small boat.

  • Shwe Inn Tha resort

    The gate into the floating resort and our long tail boat for all tours on the lake.

  • Shwe Inn Tha Resort

    The hotel resort is built on pales only. There are only five resorts on the lake, most visitors live in guesthouses nearby the lake and come for touring by hiring a long tail boat.

  • Open air celebration in Thar Lay

    That Lay is a floating village on the way to our resort. We passed a meeting of hundreds residents celebrating a buddhist event.

  • Setting a fish trap

    While the fisher is rowing the boat with his leg his hands are free to set the fish trap catching the carps.

  • Life on the Inle lake

    Leg rowing, floating gardens, and villages on stilts over the water are the unique features that have turned this area into a tourist destination. When we came to Burma the first time in 1981 we were told to visit the lake very soon. "It will be bogged do…

  • Leg rowing fishers

    The Inle lake is known for its leg rowers and floating gardens and villages. The lives of these people is focused entirely on the lake.

  • Fishing carp with a conical net on Inle lake

    The Inle carp is a cultural symbol of the local people and is an important food for them; unfortunately, its population has been declining in recent years.

  • Intha fisher

    Fish caught from the lake - the most abundant kind is called nag hpein a sort from the carp.

  • Skipper on the tiller bar

    The way from Paung Pane to the resort Shwe Inn Tha the takes about 45 minutes. The first impressions about the daily life on the lake is marvelous. About 70,000 people from the ethic minority Intha are living on and beside the lake which is as big as 112…

  • Intha residents on the Inle lake

    They are unique because of their villages built on stilts over the water and their hydroponic farming based on floating gardens. Their traditional method of leg rowing, and fishing with conical nets has drawn attention and they are well known among the et…

  • Yawnghwe village

    Yawnghwe is the starting point for the tour on the Inle lake. Most visitors overnight in this village and start the tour with a boats hire for the trip

  • Sir U Po Tha

    U Po Tha one of the country's leading paddy merchants, was a very pious and generous man and donated many religious buildings like the Shwedagon Pagoda northern main pray hall this Chauk-Htat-Kyee Reclining Buddha and the Chauk-Htat-Kyee Monastery. He was…

  • Sailingboats on the Inya Lake in Yangon

    A view out from the Yangon Sailing Club where in 1996 the Optimist Asian Championship was celebrated, joining eight nations from Asia. Picture below shows one of my captures done from the regatta in 1996.

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