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  • Impression of Havana

    Typical Cubanian showman in front of the Hotel Inglaterra Paseo de Martí.

  • Kids playing at the market place in Trinidad Cuba

    Schoolkids after their lesson playing at the main place in Trinidad/Cuba, the place with full action and great life where we could stay many days.

  • Herzliche Grüße an alle Mitglieder

  • Warm greetings to all members

  • Topeng Sida Karya

    Topeng dance (topeng is Indonesian for "mask") is a dramatic form of Balinese dance in which one or more mask-wearing, ornately-costumed performers interpret traditional narratives concerning fabled kings, heroes and myths, accompanied by gamelan music. T…

  • Jemeluk beach from Amed Goast Bay

    Amed Ghost Bay is a variable site both in terms of topography and what you are likely to see.

  • A memory for an US freighter

    The U.S.A.T. LIBERTY, a 120 meter long shipwreck, is the remains of a US World War II freighter, torpedoed on January 11,1942 by a Japanese submarine while crossing the Lombok Strait carrying material (rubber and railway parts) from Australia to the Phili…

  • Asian palm weevil destroys many trees on Bali

    The infestation of the pest results in yellowing and wilting of palms, that may lead to the death of the affected plant. The crown wilts first, and lower leaves will follow, due to damage to vascular tissue. Major symptoms such as crown loss or leaf wilt…

  • Balinese ceremony at the Seseh beach

    Just a few kilometers south of the famous water temple Pura Tanah Lot was an odalan celebration on the beach until sunrise. The locals pray to the hindu god of water and ocean called Warun (or Varuna).

  • On the Khlong in Lat Krabang

    Khlongs outside Bangkok are the cleanest ones. No stinking foul wastwater, no swimming plastic garbage and friendly people every where. Lat Krabang and its surrounding area in nearby Bangkok its a secret tip for individual travellers who like to visit hea…

  • Demotratic party propaganda above Bangkoks Khlongs

    Party propaganda does not stop above Bangkoks Khlongs. Promotion for the "Red Shirts"

  • Alhuda mosque in Minburi

    A tour on the Khlongs in Minburi is an unforgetable experience. A mosque on the Khlong between Minburi and Lat Krabang suburb of Bangkok

  • On the Khlong in Minburi to Lat Krabang

    Outside Bangkok the Khlongs still are almost clean but covered with the plants of hyacinths. A tour through the Khlongs is very problematic, very often has to clean the boat propeller.

  • Idyllic atmosphere along the Khlong Bung Yai

    Real nice atmosphere happen in Minburi where still the Khlongs survived destruction. But ther is nearly no traffic on the water due the handicap of water hyacinths on the water surface.

  • Few traffic on the canal

    Most of the famous canals in Bangkok are gone forever, just outside the city still they are. Khlongs were used for transportation and for floating markets, but also for sewage disposal. The local resident rowing his boat on the canal is planting water veg…

  • Khlong between Minburi and Lat Krabang

    In the few places remaining khlongs are, though pungent, still picturesque. Old bridges survive, crooked houses still crowd the waters edge. Outside the capitel of Bangkok still are some beautiful khlongs which survived draining or filling the chanal beca…

  • Stork on a very small twig

    Beside a khlong in Minburi outside Bangkok. The heavy stork bird finds its placre on the smallest bough. Its rearl, not edited or fixed with computer technic. It seems that the bird likes shaking in the tree.

  • The man inside the water hyacinth

    The khlongs arount Bangkok often are covered with plants and hyacinths which makes a go on drive through the cannel very difficult or sometimes impossible. The man tries to clean the surface of a part the khlong without getting any success.

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