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  • Stupa in Wat Thai Watthanaram

    Worth to see is also the important Phra Chedi Gonwin Pagoda in the middle of the compound.

  • Buddha galerie in Wat Thai Watthanaram

    Outside the temple its a long galerie of 28 Buddha images, every in a different style. One statue is underneath an holy Bodhy tree a frequent destination for pilgrims, being the most important of the four main Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Inside the temple,…

  • Reclining Buddha in Wat Thai Watthanaram

    Behind a huge meeting hall is a great white reclining Buddha image. The temple was originally known as Wat Thai Yai as the construction of the temple was greatly influenced by Burmese culture and Mahayana Buddhism.

  • Wat Thai Watthanaram near Mae Sot

    The temple was formerly called Wat Mae Tao Ngiao or Wat Thai Yai. Its a temple of the Mahayana Buddhism (Great Vehicle) of the Thai Yai people whose traditions, cultural arts and rituals are influences of the Union of Myanmar. It was built in 1857 by Mr.…

  • The way to mile thanaka powder

    Thanaka powder is regarded as the secret of the beauty and healthy skin of the women of Myanmar. The Burmese grind the bark of the fragrant Thanaka tree, which is related to the sandalwood tree, to make Thanaka powder. They then form the powder into logs…

  • Monks shopping at the smuggling market

    The vibrant Burmese Rim Moei Market at the border to Burma represents an amazing cultural mix. There are Indo-burmese textiles, food and teak; as well as Karen, Mon, Hmong and other Burmese minority shops of all kinds. Turtles, eels and frogs all availabl…

  • Thai – Myanmar Friendship Bridge

    The bridge is located in Tambon Tha Sai Luat, across the Moei River between Tak’s Mae Sot district and Myawadi in the Union of Myanmar. It is 420 m long and 13 m wide. There are always different restrictions about crossing the bridge to enter Burma. For l…

  • Checkpoint Mae Moei City Centre

    The border pass now is easier for foreigners. On the 5th of Dec. 2011 the authorities reopened the checkpoint with a great ceremony. Travelers now can cross the border and go on the way to Mawlamyne (Moulmein) min Burma.

  • Tod Kathin Parade in Mae Sot

    The Tod Kathin Festival ceremony is unique: it brings together monks, nuns and laypeople of different nationalities and Buddhist traditions. Its a traditional Buddhist festival celebrated by villagers in Northeast and West Thailand. Colorful parades and o…

  • A village in the jungle

    During a short walk through the jungle near Mae Sam Laep we passed a settlement with simple built huts without electricity and without TV and satellite dish. The population has not changed their living style since three decades.

  • View to the Salween river

    With an approximate length of 2,400 km, the mighty Salween River is one of the longest rivers in the region. It is an international river, originating from Tangula Mountain of the Himalayas in the Tibetan plateau. The Salween then flows southward through…

  • Salween, called in Burmese Thanlwin river

    In the Burma and Thailand regions, the Salween basin topography is mountainous, with long narrow river valleys. The basin is rich with natural resources, including water (surface and ground), forest, wildlife, fishery and aquatic life, and minerals. Part…

  • Border river Salween

    The people who live in the Salween basin are a diverse ethnic community, and come from many different ethnic groups. They rely mostly on lowland rice paddy farming, and upland swidden cultivation. The areas along the river south of China have suffered a l…

  • Simple huts at the hill slope

    Outside Mae Sam Laep simple cottages constructed at the slope without any protection against the next landslide.

  • Muddy way to Mae Sam Laep

    A part of the 42 km from Mae Sariang to Mae Sam Laep and the riverside of the Salween mostly is very muddy. During the raining season its only a pass for four wheel drives.

  • Ban Huai Pho temple

    The area has a high potential in ecotourism and trekking. Indeed a lot of small ethnic communities live around Mae Sariang especially there at Ban Huai Pho, 30 km at the West. In the West and North area of Mae Sariang, there are natianal park such as Sala…

  • Wat Chom Thong

    description is under construction, please give me some weeks to complete.

  • Northern Thailand Nov. 2012

    description is under construction, please give me some weeks to complete.

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