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  • Inside the Kaba Aye Pagoda

    This room inside the pagoda houses Buddha relics, including a large silver statue of Buddha, over eight feet tall. There is also a room inside the pagoda, which is used to keep Buddha relics. For the Burmese people, seeing foreign tourists visit the pagod…

  • Swal Daw Myat Zaedi

    The new built pagoda contains a relic of Buddhas tooth.

  • Inside the Swal Daw Pagoda

    People believe on Buddhas tooth but its a copy. A real relic of Buddhas body is presented in Kandy/Sri Lanka inside the Temple of the Tooth.

  • Buddhas tooth in the Swal Daw Pagoda

    Aye pagoda and a tooth relic of Buddha. A new built holy center in Burma.

  • Pavilion outside the Marble Buddha hall

    People relax in this pavilion and often fall into sleep. The construction was new built in Burmese style.

  • Marble Buddha behind a glas shield

    Mindama Hill where the world biggest white marble Buddha is located. Protected behind glass shield. This is the largest marble Buddha statue made from a single piece of stone and from the highest grade marble. The construction of this statue took 8 years…

  • The white elephant pavilion

    In Thailand the white elephants are not necessarily white. They can look similar to other elephants except for certain features like fair eyelashes and toenails, light-colored hair or a reddish hue to the skin. Compared to the white elephants in Thailand,…

  • White elephant in Yangon

    In the sunshine its skin is a soft reddish brown. When it rains, it seems to turn a pale orange. Its name is Yaza Gaha Thiri Pissaya Gaza Yaza, which means ''Glorious Elephant King.'' A real white elephant is an albino animal. Most white elephants are ho…

  • Encountering local people at night

    We were shown Shwedagon by some Myanmar friends who lived nearby the pagoda. they took us at nighttime when the area is lit by dim lights and the pagoda itself is breathtaking. It is one of the most beautiful temples and places we've ever seen - a true sh…

  • Pilgrims meditation every where

    At any time of day or night, the pagoda compound flows with a continuously moving tide of Buddhist pilgrims; as the sun rolls across the sky, the stupa acts like a giant sundial, casting its shadow over arcades of Buddha statues, ceremonial altars piled h…

  • Around the pagoda step by step

    Every corner every niche, every booth and every recess is set in fabulous lights, the atmosphere there is indescribable and a unforgettable feeling for visitor.

  • Buddha statues at Saw La Paw’s Pagoda

    Inside is a Buddha image with two differentsized eyes. According to legend, Shin Ajagona was a monk from early Bagan era who practiced alchemy. He tried to find thePhilosopher’s Stone, which he believed would have the ability to turn anything into gold. I…

  • Cleaning the floor

    This is how they clean the floor at the Shwedagon Pagoda. Every body is invited to clean the temples premise as they do a good work for a step to the next better reincarnation.

  • Meditation at night time

    The sight had an almost magical feel to it full of warmth and spiritualness. A beautiful place to reflect and feel inspired.

  • Night view to the northern stairways

    The large palm tree in foreground is planted at the terrace. Rightside the Saw La Paw’s Pagoda in its spot light.

  • Buddha hall at the evening

    Four imposing Buddha statues with their shining Halo in the Maha Bodhi Pagoda. The Hall of the stupa let devotees practise their Vipassana (Insight) meditation in quiet surroundings.

  • Buddha and his Halo

    Different coloured haloes have specific meanings: orange for monks, green and blue for the Buddha and other more elevated beings, and commonly figures have both a halo for the head, and another circular one for the body, the two often intersecting somewhe…

  • The pagoda in its spot light

    The heart stopping at any time, the Shwedagon Paya glitters bright gold in the heat of the night. Then, as the sun casts its last rays it turns a crimson gold and orange, magic floats in the heat and the mighty diamond surmounting the summit casts a beam…

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