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Photo taken on January 14, 2004

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Sanphet Prasat Palace in Ayutthaya

Sanphet Prasat Palace in Ayutthaya
The Sanphet Prasat Palace was the principal palace in the early Ayutthaya period. It was initially built in the reign of King Baromatrai Lokanat, the eighth king of Ayutthaya. He succeeded in designing a unique architectural style that obviously differed from the preceding Khmer and Sukhothai styles. The dis tinc tive artistic style was later known as the Ayutthaya school which ap peared in many parts of the Sanphet Prasat Palace: the sweep of the basement, the tapering pillars, the elaborate pinnacle or na ments, the pedimented door and win dow frames and the over lap ping roof slopes.
The Palace was used in many important court and state ceremonies. For example, it served as a reception hall to receive many foreign dignitaries. The palace was completely renovated in the reign of King Baromakot (1732-1758 A.D.). Unfortunately, when Ayutthaya fell to Burma in 1767 A.D., the stately palace was burnt to the ground. Only its raised brick base ment remains today. Muang Boran has rebuilt the Sanphet Prasat Palace based on archaeological and historical evidence left by Thai and foreign historians. Also, research was conducted on the ruins to assemble a draft plan of the building. The detailed design and ornaments of the building were executed based on historical remains and documents as well. A proper study on the design of the interior had also been carried out. The result is superb magnificence.