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Photo taken on March 27, 2003

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Spiritism at the Cao Đài religion

Spiritism at the Cao Đài religion
Spiritism is the method that God chose to transmit this new religion to humanity. Simple mechanical devices were used as a means of communication between spirit beings and humans.
1. a small movable platform on a Ouija board which is lightly touched by two or more mediums. During a séance, the platform is seen to move around the board and point to various letters, numbers and words.
2. a small table which the mediums touch lightly. During a séance, the table is observed to tip and tap on the floor. The number of taps would indicate a specific letter
3. a Ngoc co (basket with a beak), which consists of a wicker basket with a radiating stick about 26 inches long; a pen is attached near the end of the stick. In use, two mediums hold the basket; the apparatus moves and its pen writes out messages which are interpreted by a third person and written down by a secretary. This is a very efficient method of communication, because words are directly written. It is the preferred method used in Caodaism.

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Is it a temple?
9 years ago.
its a Holy See the Cao Dai people call it. Western people would call it a church. Asian people call it temple.
9 years ago. Edited 9 years ago.