Posted on 03/29/2008

Photo taken on June 10, 2007

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Western Afghanistan
Musallah complex

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Remains of the Musallah complex

Remains of the Musallah complex
The site of the musalla complex -- as it currently exists -- contains six minarets and two domed chambers that are visible from afar. The Mausoleum of Gawhar Shad, with its ribbed cupola, stands in a garden to the south of an irrigation canal that bisects the site. To its east is a single minaret with two balconies; it once flanked the portal of Gawhar Shad's Madrasa. To the south of the mausoleum was a place of worship, a congregational mosque (masjid-i jami or musalla) built by Gawhar Shad, of which only the stump of a minaret remains. The smaller domed mausoleum of Mir Ali Shir Navai (1441-1501) a prominent poet and companion of Timurid Sultan Husain Baiqara (1469-1506) is located to the north of Gawhar Shad's Mausoleum, before the canal. In the plain north of the canal, four minarets are clustered together; these once marked the four corners of a madrasa built by Husain Baiqara between 1469/1470 and 1506.