Greetings from Canada - Saskatchewan

This card contains the strip of ~10 photos of "cowboys and Indians" shown separately. The strip is credited to the Valentine & Sons United Publishing Co. Ltd. of Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver but the rest of the card appears to be from the U.K. Valentine's. It is described as a "Mailing Card" and was printed in Great Britain. It was mailed at Battleford, Sask. on December 9, 1924 (I believe) to Mmiss Margaret Moss, 43 Queens Rd., Northampton, England and a "From" line on the opposite half of the…

Morden, Man.

This is quite an early card on a CANADA POST CARD undivided back that is a little unusual. It is one of those with multiple dotted lines provided to write the address on. In this case, "Lovie" was Miss Flo Morehen of 6 Oak Villas, Archway Road, Highgate, London. The card was posted by "Frank" on August 29, 1904 at Morden. The street shown there is Railway Street. Behind that you can see some buildings on Stephen Street, which is the main street today in this very attractive southern Manitoba town (now a "ci…

North Shore, Lake Superior, on Canadian Pacific Railway

Postmarked at Cranbrook, B.C. on May 2, 1904, this undivided back "Canadian Souvenir Post Card" (unusual back design featuring a drawing of a beaver) was addressed to Mr. H. Bushel, 26 Berryfield Road, Manor Place, Walworth, London.

Bala Falls, Muskoka Lakes (100,516)

Valentine & Sons no. 100,516, with message as follows: "Many thanks for the very pretty p.c. received this morning. Gladys Stewart." This was sent to Mis M. A. Bayley, 4 Duke Street, St. James, London, England. The date on the front is May 1, 1906. The back is a Valentine & Sons back I'm not sure I've seen before, with the word CANADIAN set in small letters, all caps above the words POST CARD in larger upper case letters.

Rapids, Musquosh River, Muskoka (100,979)

Posted at Bala, Ont., on September 10, 1906, with an image depicting a wedding glued on the back (it's a rather sombre depiction) and the message: '"Lead us not into Temptation" Dear Beatie, hope this will not hurt your feelings but you know when an occasion comes my way like this I must use it. Kind regards to Percy guess he'll be knocking the stuffing out of me. Love to Ma + Pa hope to hear from them soon. George.' To Miss B. Gent, 1 Tendring Villas, Church Road, Clacton on Sea, Essex, England.

Canadian Moose, Banff, Alta., on Canadian Pacific Railway

Unused, on a "Canadian Souvenir Post Card" undivided back with images of a beaver and a standing bear on either side of the "Canadian Souvenir Post Card" title.

Holy Trinity Church [reverse]

Back of the Holy Trinity card, printed with Christmas greetings for 1906 from Mr. & Mrs E. A. Windross of Rabbit Point on Lake Manitoba.

An August Day in Galt Gardens, Lethbridge, Alberta [reverse]

Back of the Galt Gardens card, promoting the "Dry-Farming Congress" in Lethbridge, October 19-26 of an unspecified, but evidently early, year.

Muskoka Wharf Station (reverse)

Reverse of the card, filled in in mixed English and French, revealing that the recipient has received, at a delivery cost of 94 cents, 1 barrel of oil and 5 pieces of freight. This was paid on February 21 by N. Payette, as the pencil notation at the bottom states.
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