Bulls, Experimental Farm, Indian Head, Assiniboia.

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  • Best Wishes from Canada - Toronto

  • Agricultural or Provinces Building, Toronto Exhibition

    Card with a special CNE cancellation dated September 6, 1909, addressed to H. H. Jenkins, Nester Flats, Geneva, N.Y. with a brief note to "Bert" as H. H. was apparently known.

  • Drying Nets, Jack Fish, Lake Superior

    Valentine & Sons card no. 100,521 (last three digits hard to make out), this was mailed at Jasper, Ont. on May 14, 1908 to J. P. Moore Esq., c/o Messrs Arbuthnot Latham Co., 33 Great St. Helens, London E.C., England.

  • Laval Monument, Quebec

    Mailed March 28, 1911 at Montreal to Miss L. Price of Birmingham once again. Valentine & Sons card no. 104,365.

  • Regatta Day, Stony Lake, Kawartha Lakes, Ont., Canada (101,094)

    Valentine & Sons card no. 101,094: "This is where the pleasant days are spent in Summer time. I love the boat races." Not postally used.

  • Bobcaygeon River from the Locks, Kawartha Lakes, Ont., Canada (106,486)

    Valentine & Sons no. 106,485 with an explanation on the back that the sender wanted to send cards of Peterborough but couldn't find enough so is sending a card of the Kawartha Lakes which are nearby and look a lot like Peterborough anyway.

  • Queen Victoria Statue, Gore Park (103,866)

    "This is built or rather 'erected' on the west of Gore Park. H. E. L." -- not postally used Valentine & Sons card.

  • King Edward Hotel, Toronto (101,810)

    Unused Valentine & Sons card.

  • Children's Hospital & College St., Toronto. (101,789)

    Valentine & Sons card showing the Hospital for Sick Children building that is now the Canadian Blood Services building at College and Elizabeth Streets.

  • Central Methodist Church, Toronto, Canada (105,764)

    Unused Valentine & Sons card.

  • Herring Cove, N.S.

    Unused Valentine & Sons card from Nova Scotia.

  • Canadian Homestead Life - Returning from the Woods (103,041)

    Very nice Homestead Life card, posted at Jordan Station, Ont. June 22, 1910 to Miss Bertha Hamdeman, 172 Riley Street, Buffalo, N. Y.: "Hello Bertha, I am at Jordon for two week wish you and the girls where here, and I am having a good time every body is…

  • Lily Pond and Memorial Bridge, Public Gardens, Halifax, N.S.

    Unused Valentine & Sons card no. 110,596.

  • "Seeing Vancouver" Auto at Big Tree, B.C.

    Unused Valentine & Sons card. No number visible.

  • Main Street, Winnipeg

    The famous Notman image -- I thought the colouring on this card might be superior to some of the others I have. Will have to check. The Valentine & Sons number is cut off at lower left.

  • Easter Section of Edmonton, Alta.

    Unused Valentine & Sons card, no. 105,834.

  • Getting Ready for a Tramp

    Valentine & Sons card 101,367 with this message written across the whole back: "Dear Little May, I hope you will have a happy Birthday and lots of good things guess I am rather early. I do hope you are better. Little Lidie must feal very proud of his 2 si…

  • Granville Street showing Post Office, C.P.R. Depot, and Bank of Commerce, Vancouver, B.C. [105,701]

    Unused Valentine & Sons card, no. 105.701, showing Vancouver, B.C.

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