Bulls, Experimental Farm, Indian Head, Assiniboia.

Publisher = Valentine & Sons (etc.)

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  • Elliot Memorial Home, Guelph, Ont., Canada

    Valentine card 106,579, unused.

  • Victoria Park, London, Canada

    Valentine & Sons card 102,181, showing Victoria Park in London, Ontario.

  • 103,432 - Baptist Church, Stratford, Canada.

    This is a Valentine & Sons card that is credited to H. Knox & Co. of Kingston on the back. Unused, except for the notation "From Annie" on the reverse.

  • 103,697 - Kingston Mills, Rideau Lakes, Ont.

    This is a Valentine & Sons card that is credited to H. Knox & Co. of Kingston on the back. Unused.

  • Niagara from Canadian Side

    Postmarked August 13, 1906 at Mimico to Master A. Smith, 5 Blenheim Rd, Reading, Berks., England. Valentine & Sons no. 100,481.

  • Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Centre Island, Toronto, Canada

    Valentine & Sons no. 112,236 with a brief message across the back.

  • Toronto from Parliament Buildings

    August 15, 1910 postmark at Toronto. A rather bitter letter: "228 Simcoe St., Toronto, Not., Aug. 15/10 Dear Mother, Many thanks for welcome letter and papers, got back to the city last night, the firm's advertising end has gone up and am without a job fo…

  • Thousand Islands, Brockville, Ont.

    Postmarked November 6, 1911 at Montreal and addressed to Miss L. Price in Birmingham (same address as in numerous other postcards in this set, sent by "Ernest"). Valentine & Sons image no. 600,406.

  • Coal Chutes, Jack Fish, Lake Superior, Canada

    Postmarked Winnipeg, June 19, 1911, evidently from a new arrival: "Winnipeg, Canada 19/6/11 Dear Jessie: We both arrived here this morning (Monday) 4:00 a.m. after 3 days + nights in train from Quebec. We passed along spot marked X. Lovely scenery terribl…

  • Garry Street, Winnipeg, Man.

    Interesting Valentine & Sons card showing Garry Street in Winnipeg, looking north to (and beyond) Portage Avenue. On the right the tall building is the Garrick Hotel, with the small building farther down (which is still there as well) -- the Inglis Buildi…

  • Y.W.C.A. Building, Winnipeg, Man.

    The Y.W.C.A., building. Valentine and Sons card no. 105,191.

  • First Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Man.

    Valentine & Sons no. 105,164, mailed from Calmar, Alta., to Mr. A. D. Rouse, Corn Hill, Kings Co., N.B., Canada.

  • The "Manita" approaching Fenelon Falls, Kawartha Lakes, Ont., Canada

    Postmarked on May 31, 1910 at Peterborough, Ont. Addressed by J. T. K. Smith to "Dear Friend" Mrs Farrant, 78 Gillingham Rd., Gillingham, Kent, England with a brief message. While it is a Valentine & Sons card, there is no evidence of a serial number on t…

  • Mississaqua, 1000 Islands, St. Lawrence River

    Postmarked at Montreal on October 27, 1908. Valentine & Sons no. 103,018. Addressed to Miss L. Price, 26 Arden Rd., Birchfields, Birmingham, England (one of many cards I have that were addressed to her).

  • Hanlans Point, Toronto.

    This Valentine & Sons moonlight card (no. 101,806) was sent by Alfred J. Clark with the typewritten message: "139 Spadina Ave. Toronto, Ont. , Canada 19.2.1911 Dear Miss Leech, Shall be glad to exchange cards with you Mr. T. Walker as [has?] done collecti…

  • King Edward Hotel, Toronto (101,003)

    Valentine & Sons no. 101,003, mailed to Mr. David Crombie (no, not that David Crombie), 47 Keith St., Barrow-in-Furness, England: "Dear Mr. Crombie: This is one of Toronto's largest Hotels. I thought I would send more than one at a time for it has such a…

  • Toronto University (100,698)

    Mailed April 8, 1907 with an interesting triple-ring circular Toronto cancel. The card was sent by young Sarah Trenwith to her aunt, Mrs. C. Blunderfield, Station Cottages, Fakenham, England. Valentine & Sons, no. 100,698.

  • On Lake Joseph, Muskoka Lakes (100,518)

    Postmarked at Toronto, November 7, 1906 "Nov. 7th 06 Another view of Muskoka Lakes by moonlight. Guess you had better start a "Canadian Book" for P.C.'s. What do you say? I am sending five [crossed out] six this time. Hope you get them all." The fortunate…

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