Bulls, Experimental Farm, Indian Head, Assiniboia.

Publisher = Valentine & Sons (etc.)

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  • Bulls, Experimental Farm, Indian Head, Assiniboia.

    Unused Valentine & Sons card, no. 100,391 and likely dating to about 1905 (as the reference to "Assiniboia" suggests).

  • Steamer "Winnitoba" on Red River, Winnipeg, Man.

    Valentine & Sons card no. 105,147 posted on September 11, 1912 at St. Boniface, Man. to Mr. Justus Morria, Acton Vale, Quebec, with a message in French. The Winnitoba was a popular passenger vessel owned by the Hyland family. It mainly carried passengers…

  • A Canadian Harvesting Scene, Cutting the Wheat

    This card was postmarked on August 24, 1927 at Fort William, Ont. (now part of Thunder Bay). It is addressed to Simeon Régnier, L'Acadie, Comté St-Jean, P. Q. and has a short message in French that is hard to read but is from Mr. Régnier's son. The number…

  • Greetings from Canada - Saskatchewan

    This card contains the strip of ~10 photos of "cowboys and Indians" shown separately. The strip is credited to the Valentine & Sons United Publishing Co. Ltd. of Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver but the rest of the card appears to be from the U.K…

  • Cowboys and Indians (strip from Greetings from Canada - Saskatchewan card)

    This strip (which has one or two more images at the top end that couldn't be scanned) appears from under the Saskatchewan crest on the "Greetings from Canada" card.

  • A View through the trees of Fort Rouge Park, Winnipeg, Man., Canada

    Mailed on February 4, 1914 to Miss Fraser, c/o Miss Charlton, 138 Allcroft Rd, Gospel Oak N.W., London, England. Nice view of Fort Rouge Park. Valentine & Sons card no. 109,521.

  • A Corner in Central Park, Winnipeg, Man.

    Valentine card no. 105.156, showing the bandshell at Central Park with the Warwick Apartments in the background.

  • University of Manitoba, Review of High School Cadets, Winnipeg, Man.

    Posted September 6, 1911 at Winnipeg: "Arrived O.K. Didn't miss my train. Am enjoying every minute. Saw Ricahrds yesterday + was speaking to Mr. Black over the phone. Muriel M. Bliss" Addressed to P. Q. M. S. Carmen, Militia Dept., Ottawa, Ont. P.O.O.'s o…

  • Manitoba Government Telephone Building, Winnipeg, Man.

    Valentine & Sons 105,183, showing the Telephone Building on Cumberland Avenue (I believe it is). Card mailed January 22, 1910 to Miss Fay Winslow, Chelsea Green P.O., London, Ontario. "London" is written in a rather low-slung hand that made it look a lo…

  • McIntyre Block, Winnipeg, Man.

    Valentine & Sons card 105,777 showing the McIntyre Block on Main Street, Winnipeg. Unused.

  • Governor-General's Body Guards, Toronto, Canada

    Beat up but nice image of the Governor-General's Body Guards marching down a street (Yonge?) in Toronto. Valentine & Sons card no. 105,770. Unused. Lots of great signs in this shot.

  • A Street in Cobalt, Ont.

    Mailed at Haileybury, Ont., May 9, 1909 to Miss Edna Hemphill, 651 South 3rd East St, Salt Lake City, Utah. Valentine & Sons no. 102,464 with additional mention of The Canada Railway News Co., Toronto.

  • St James Cathedral, Toronto, Canada

    Unused Valentine & Sons oval with the number 107,161, showing St. James Cathedral.

  • Beach, Lake Superior

    Nicely coloured card showing a beach on Lake Superior. Letter dated at Chapleau, Ont., Feb. 15, 1913 (or possibly 1917). To Fred from his "Dadda" Fred Wilson. Valentine & Sons oval series, no number visible.

  • Mount Wapta (alt. 9990), Summit Lake, Canadian Rockies

    Valentine & Sons no. 600,143, showing Mount Wapta and with a photo credit to William Notman & Son. Unused.

  • First Capilano Canyon, Vancouver, B.C.

    Unused Valentine & Sons card no. 101,606.

  • Moraine Lake, from Summit of Trail, Laggan, Alberta

    Postmarked in November 1906 at Winnipeg to Miss Lunn, Hambledon Cottage, Droxford, Hants, G.B. and co-branded with the C.P.R. This is Valentine & Sons card n. 100,445.

  • Rideau Canal and Inter-Provincial Bridge, Ottawa

    Valentine & Sons card -- you can see that the number has been cut off at lower left, with only the top of the circled "JV" showing. Interesting view of the locks at the end of the Rideau Canal and the bridge across to Quebec. Unused.

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