Ploughing, Western Canada. C. P. R.

Publisher = Unknown

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Ploughing, Western Canada. C. P. R.

Unused postcard, divided back and numbered 201347 without publisher identification. The C.P.R. may have sponsored this.

Greetings from Halifax - Old Town Clock and the Citadel

A second "Greetings from Halifax" card, c. 1901-1903, this one featuring the famous Town Clock and Citadel Hill.

Morden, Man.

This is quite an early card on a CANADA POST CARD undivided back that is a little unusual. It is one of those with multiple dotted lines provided to write the address on. In this case, "Lovie" was Miss Flo Morehen of 6 Oak Villas, Archway Road, Highgate, London. The card was posted by "Frank" on August 29, 1904 at Morden. The street shown there is Railway Street. Behind that you can see some buildings on Stephen Street, which is the main street today in this very attractive southern Manitoba town (now a "ci…

[Hotel Hamilton, Neepawa, Man.]

Very nice photo of the Hamilton Hotel, "Dan. Hamilton, prop." in Neepawa, Manitoba. Note the livery vehicle at right and the little wheeled cart that two boys appear to be riding along the sidewalk. Despite the fact that it was one of the larger towns in Manitoba at the time, cards from Neepawa from this era are not especially common.

Four Big Four "30s," each pulling 8-foot-cut John Deere Binders (Zealandia, Sask.)

Interesting farm implement advertising card, unused, with the following printed on the back: "Compliments of Gas Traction Company. First and Largest Builder in the World of Four-Cylinder Farm Tractors. Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. Canadian Office: Winnipeg, Man."

Main Street, Boissevain

Card showing Boissevain's Main Street, mailed there on June 26, 1905 to Miss Ella Giffard, Highfield, Bishop's Waltham, Hants, England.

Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building, Industrial Exhibition, Toronto

Postmarked "Credit Forks, Ont." on May 22, 1907 and sent to Miss Price, East Oxford School, Cowley Road, Oxford, England with the message (in a schoolgirl hand, likely to a former teacher): "Miss Price. We arrived at our journey's end safely. I hope you + your sister are quite well. We are 50 miles from Toronto + we are at Forks of Credit, Ontario, Canada." No maker stated but there is a number -- 1314 -- on the back.

Happy New Year [Maple Leaf applique]

One of two cards with a silk maple leaf appliqué. On a printed back but no indication of publisher.

Before the Railroad. Six Horse Freight Team, Casta. Alta.

This was mailed in Port Elgin, Ont., in 1913. No maker is indicated, but it looks like the work of the C. S. Co. "Casta" may be a misprint for "Castor", a town in central Alberta. This is one of those postcards whose appeal seems to be enhanced by wear.
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