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Will Yong

Posted on 11/22/2008

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Anna Van Der Gaast (Netherlands) wrote at 12.37am
Is this a visual representation of your mental state, dear? If that's the case, mail me! It's an order ;)

William Yong wrote at 12:50am
funny you should say that... the bride and groom also told me I was "f***ing mad" to have brought them...

Anna Van Der Gaast (Netherlands) wrote at 12:57am
No! You wouldn't... Would you? On the other hand, marriage seems like a final destination sometimes. Let's just say that lately I've been able to understand why some of my friends choose not to commit...

William Yong wrote at 1:06am
Iranians spend one day getting married but after a death there is the funeral on the 1st day and then "wakes" on the 3rd, 7th and 40th day and then visits to the cemetery every year forever.

Anna Van Der Gaast (Netherlands) wrote at 1:09am
Hmmm, I wonder why such a difference... I guess they don't celebrate wedding anniversaries...

William Yong wrote at 1:10am
not sure... can any of my Iranian friends answer that one?

Reza Mohammady wrote at 4:09am
For funerals, it's actually the funeral day "Khatm" (not necessarily same as the burial day), "Sevom" 3rd day, "Hafteh" 7th day, "Mah" 30th day and "Chahar Mah o Dah Rooz" (4 month and 10 day) day, and continuous "Sal" 365 days (anniversaries) basically for ever!
It's the tradition.

But no such tradition for weddings. However, some of more modern couples kind of celebrate marriage anniversaries, maybe a small party, but mostly a dinner in a fancy restaurant and a flower to wrap it up.

Personally I think (with all due respects to all Iranians) this funeral tradition is absolutely ridiculous. Depressing, unnecessary, financially damaging, sometimes even very scary. Matter of fact the moment I transformed from being a hardcore muslim to a anti-Islam happened in my uncles funeral when I was 17.

One question, did you bring those flowers to a wedding?

William Yong wrote at 9:07am
@Reza: NO - of course I didn't! it was a joke!!!! You Americans will never understand the British sense of humour!

Thanks for the info... makes me think there are more ways than one to keep people in emotional bonds - excessive grief in contrast with the "everything's great" culture of US consumerism.