Will Yong

Will Yong

Posted on 11/22/2008

Photo taken on November 20, 2008



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A job for Qalibaf

A job for Qalibaf
From Tehran Colours

I was shooting the opposite side of the street when again I heard a voice calling me from behind, this time a man who sounded like he had a point to make. I girded myself for a confrontation.

"If you're going to take pictures, take a picture of this."

The man, middle-aged, thankfully not in uniform, motioned for me to look at an electricity routing box which had been prised open, exposing bare wires, presumably packing a high-voltage punch if anyone dared to touch them.

"Look at that... I had to remove a dead rat from that box - all dried up it was. A child could get killed."

Impressed by his sense of civic duty I didn't ask why he'd taken it upon himself to remove electrocuted rodents from municipal facilities but I agreed that the gaping box looked very dangerous and that I would certainly send a copy of my picture to the Tehran mayor (a certain Baqer Ghalibaf - tipped to follow his predecessor, Mahmud Ahmedinejad's footsteps and become Iran's next President.)

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