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    Hosseinieh are like religious clubs. They get especially packed during the Ashura festival when men pack in to pound their chests while listening to intense, repetitive music. Yes, rather like a religious club.

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    Water which flows from the Alborz Mountains flows through Tehran in a network of joob which are deep gutters that line most north-south running streets. Plenty of trash gets dumped in on the way and they often get blocked.

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    Anna Van Der Gaast (Netherlands) wrote at 12.37am Is this a visual representation of your mental state, dear? If that's the case, mail me! It's an order ;) William Yong wrote at 12:50am funny you should say that... the bride and groom also told me I was…

  • A job for Qalibaf

    From Tehran Colours I was shooting the opposite side of the street when again I heard a voice calling me from behind, this time a man who sounded like he had a point to make. I girded myself for a confrontation. "If you're going to take pictures, take a…

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    Surprising to find a working hamam (public baths) in such a premium spot as here on Vali Asr Street near Saiee Park. I tried one once in Darakeh. Not as good as onsen. < < back next > > back to Autumn Walk: Vali Asr, Tehran back to Images

  • Vali Asr, Tehran

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  • collecting recyclables

    Collecting recyclable material for cash is the occupation of a small army of economic migrants from Iran’s outlying regions and neighbouring countries such as Afghanistan.

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  • Tajik migrant

    From Tehran Colours At first he said he was from "Shomal" which is Iran's Caspian Sea region but without much prompting he admitted that he and his wife had been smuggled illegally into Iran, presumably I thought from Tajikistan - his Farsi was close to…

  • Tehran colours

  • Tehran colours

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