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  • Spiral Home /on a/ Flower Bed

    *♡* ♬ ♪ ♫ "Life ♡ is a flower" ☥ 120120-7D07 Dei-T snail spiral flower [Tlr]

  • ...sometimes is better to be quiet...

  • Against the time

  • Fikkie de poedel


  • Let it rain - Amanda Marshall

  • Jonge merel, Blackbird, Amsel

  • through the looking glass

    By Arne

  • Trithemis arteriosa.

  • Fontaine, Palais Royal

    By liwil

  • Introducing: Nénette.

    (ménagerie du jardin des plantes, Paris)
    By liwil

  • Flying over

    As we were walking in Nyhavn in Denmark the seagulls were flying all around us AND I had my fisheye with me... which happens to be my absolut favorite lens...