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  • Ja wo fliegen sie denn? :-)

  • Spiral Home /on a/ Flower Bed

    *♡* ♬ ♪ ♫ "Life ♡ is a flower" ☥ 120120-7D07 Dei-T snail spiral flower [Tlr]

  • ...sometimes is better to be quiet...

  • Against the time

  • teddy

    By 17mm

  • through the looking glass

    By Arne

  • Trithemis arteriosa.

  • Playa de Benijo


  • Porn Queen

    From the hallway shooting with Julia

  • Yay!

    Happy Silly Saturday...! Ruta del Toro D400 07XI02 100

  • Brake for the bug

    Marduk applies his ABS. To see the butterfly and things in more detail see Big D400 07VI21 044 [CF]

  • Behind the Dragonfly

    See in BIG Dragonfly 07XI26 18 [CF]

  • Gotcha!

    See larger version: 'Hounds @ the beach 07V29 24 [C]' On Black ~

  • Fontaine, Palais Royal

    By liwil

  • Introducing: Nénette.

    (ménagerie du jardin des plantes, Paris)
    By liwil

  • The Hounds viewpoint?

    Not about to experiment with cattle herding just yet I keep the Hounds leashed, though they appear quite laid-back about these returning beach visitors. Still, I'm taking no chances... I have nightmare visions of Marduk chasing after them like he does the…

  • Reflection

  • Beach bodyguards

    Trigger has yet to adopt Odin's more relaxed posture at approaching figures, there again it took a while for him to learn to curb his curiosity! Hounds @ the beach not quite alone 07VI10 32

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