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  • Narcissus

    SSC: reflections please on black Unfortunately I have not got time to make a better version, leaving for the cottage again.

  • ice sculptor

    such a hot weather at the moment, so nice to look at some ice sculpting

  • mmm??!

    MacroMondays: wire, cable

  • pahka (pip)

    TSC: gnarly

  • gnarled tree

    NTSC: gnarly

  • flying high

    SSC: nature in b/w

  • the coin swallower

    MacroMondays: Things from daily life... shopping. Muzak This type of music makes me leave the shops as fast as possible, it makes me nervous :))

  • shore

    TSC: blurred lines please enlarge on black www.youtube.com/watch?v=SroYdHuv9z8

  • treasure

    when digging in the back garden...... SSC: fairy tale www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5LqQtm3uGw

  • clouds


  • rural landscape

  • hi folks!

    MacroMondays: something funny Not easy to be funny in macro mode and especially on monday morning, so I let somebody else do it :))

  • brocculi

    TSC: Inspiration: show your picture and (a link to) the artwork that inspired you Not inspired by a special picture of the Finnish artist Pentti Kaskipuro, but I like his way of making graphics of everyday items, such as onions, swedes, potatoes, bread a…

  • singing bowl

    SSC: circle Tibetan Singing Bowl

  • reflections


  • At the Black Sea

    MacroMondays: noodles I am not a big noodle friend, but fortunately I found some pieces in a cupboard Gnocchi pasta

  • plastic world

    TSC: End Plastic Pollution I read already a lot about the problem, so I more like to show some links about idea´s maybe to solve part of the problem. www.engadget.com/2018/04/17/scientists-a ccidental-mutant-enzyme-eats-removes-pla stic www.bbc.com/new…

  • flying

    let your imagination flow..... SSC: book(s)

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