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# 281: internet barrier

# 281: internet barrier
since yesterday, June 18, 2009, Gemany has a new law fighting child p0rn, called “Zugangserschwerungsgesetz”.

Actually, it does even a lousy job to what the name refers to: complicating the access to those sites. All what this law does, is just pulling a curtain in front of the website and nothing more.
No child will be saved from abuse with this law, but the law allows massive censorship on the net in general as it includes secrets lists with names of illegal websites operated by the BKA ( = Federal Criminal Police Office) with only the absolute minimum of legal control.

As it turned out, those lists in other countries do not only register p0rn sites, but e.g. a board with critical discussion about just such lists (like Finland) and other sites with random legal content.
Yester night politicians claimed the law was only against p0rn but this morning the first representative asked for wider use than verified. As a matter of fact, the law needs some technical update by the ISPs. Once the general filter software is installed, you can censor whatever you want.
Good night, Germany!


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