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there were hardly any people on the street.
the big clock, hanging over the front of the bank said 3:30.
it was a warm, silent kind of day.
I pulled the dodge to the curb, lit a cigarette, and waited.
I had never been here before. I would feel a lot better when the crew showed up.
10 minutes later when there was still no sign of them,
I glanced in the side mirror. a woman leaning on a white car across the street was looking in my direction. she looked away. I paid no more attention to her.
I opened the door, just as a big, black ford barreled toward me.
it slid to a stop and 3 guys jumped out.
they were all wearing ski masks. mine was on as well.
we headed into the bank. 4 minutes. that's what I told them. no more.
inside, it was quiet as a tomb. the guard, an old guy, was in a chair, reading the paper. he didn't even look up. there were no customers. like I say. quiet as a tomb.
nick guarded the door. sonny went over to the guard, drew his gun, told him to lie down on the floor.
the guy did as he was told.
joey, stan and I approached the 2 tellers, threw canvas bags at them, told them to fill them up. I then collared the manager, a weaselly looking guy, stuck a gun to his head, ordered him to open the safe. he looked at me like I was from another planet. "whatsa matter, never been robbed before?," I snarled. "no, we haven't. you know who owns this bank?" he said. I said no I didn't, nor did I care.
I followed him to the safe, which was already open. I loaded a couple sacks with cash, then yelled at the boys to finish up. we were out of there in less than three minutes. everything still quiet.
outside though was another story. as soon as nick opened the door, he took a bullet in the chest, fired from across the street by the woman at the white car. then gunfire erupted from everywhere. we tried to make a run for it to the ford, joey and stan didn't make it. I hit the pavement, crawled to the dodge, jumped inside. I had left it running, yanked it into drive and hit the accelerator. there was so much gunsmoke in the air I could barely see. all I wanted was to get the hell out of this place.
we'd been set up. that was obvious. the whole town was waiting for us. I was racking my brain trying to figure out how that happened. at that moment, my path was cut off by a huge tanker truck that pulled out right in front of me. 2 guys with machine guns came at me from either sidewalk. I knew then I'd never find out what went wrong.
7 years ago.