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  • Indian Trail

    These days, the Miller Spring area in Death Valley National Park gets very few visitors. But that was not the case many, many years ago. The area was frequented by Native Americans and was an important source of water (albeit a very small one). In the…

  • Hiking to Miller Spring

    On my very first trip to Death Valley I did some field work in this area with a guy working for the Smithsonian. We were mapping extinct lava flows. Until this year, I'd never been back. Back then, in 1974, this area was not part of the park and you co…

  • Sunburst!

    Headed off to explore Miller Spring in Death Valley National Park. The Jeeps are parked by that "small" hill in the foreground. The last time I was at Miller Spring was in 1974. Back then this area wasn't part of DVNP and we were able to drive in.

  • Handy

    Death Valley National Park

  • Lines and Things

    Some people say these are fertility signs, representing the vagina. I have no idea if this is correct or not. Death Valley National Park, CA.

  • Wondering

    Trying to figure out where's the best place to start. This little canyon is filled with rock art. It was my second time here. I was playing guide to my friends JP and Jenni. It was fun to revist and I even saw some nice glyphs that I had missed the fi…

  • Camp

    Setting up home for the next four nights. I've camped here before. A very nice spot, but also very far from anything. It's almost an hour's drive out to the "main" dirt road. Se the Map for the camp's location. Our time in DVNP was not very warm this…

  • Doorway to the Past

    Door at Dublin Gulch.

  • Dublin Gulch

    When I first visited Death Valley in 1974, there was still one old timer living in one of these dugout homes. No one knows for sure, but it is guessed that these caves were dug circa 1870. They are all locked, now, to prevent vandalism. Shoshone, CA.

  • Watching and Waiting

    An old Ford pickup guards Miller Spring in Death Valley National Park. I first visited Death Valley National Park, then just a National Monument (and considerable smaller in size) back in 1974. I was a senior in high school and spent the Spring working…

  • Rock and Juniper Tree

    Joshua Tree National Park, CA

  • Circles and Things

    A small site with just a half-dozen or so glyphs. Five mile round trip cross-desert hike. Clark Dry Lake, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, CA.

  • Panamint Dunes Panorama

    Panamint Dunes top out at an elevation of around 2700' which is a figure that changes with the wind. With a prominence of around 400', they are also among the tallest dunes in Death Valley, though still about 300 feet shorter that the more famous Eureka D…

  • Mexican Ring Toss

    Playing with some local kids in the area pool.

  • Milkvetch

    A little bundle of Milkvetch grows among the rocks and sand of Death Valley National Park. There are several species of Milkvetch that grow in the DVNP region. I'm unsure as to which one this is. Possibly Newberry Milkvetch, Astragalus newberri

  • End of the Road

    Exploring a mine I've never been to in Death Valley National Park. There aren't many. Drove to the end of the road and hiked the last little bit to the mine. Not much vegetation in this view, except some low scrub and a handful of small Joshua Trees.

  • Eye Contact

    Red Diamond Rattlesnake Crotalus ruber Taken from about 5 feet away. Tecate, California.

  • Hidden Valley Panorama

    Death Valley National Park. Eleven shot panorama stitched in Photoshop.

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