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I'm smiling...

I'm smiling...
...because this morning I went downstairs to move my car, and found out that apparently somebody coveted something of mine and decided to take it.

In a very "subtle move", the person(s) smashed my passenger door window with a brick, and stole my GPS and my point-and-shoot camera. These things were tucked away in a bag inside my center console. Why did I leave them inside the car? Who the hell knows; its the first time it happened.

The person(s) who did this don't have a way to know that I am very detached from material things. Don't take me wrong, I like material things! I mean, I had a top-of-the-line GPS, and my point-and-shot was a 7Mp one, I like good things, but the fact they're gone doesn't affect me as much; hopefully I'll be able to replace them soon.

What hurt me the most was the timing of the fact; close to the holidays, I'm still without a stable job, and not having my car, even for one day (I had to park it for the day in a parking lot, no window), has put a huge obstacle in my job hunting.

To whoever did this to me, I hope you get the best money you can get for the GPS and camera, and that you use that money for something productive, or to feed yourself and/or family.

If not, I hope it gets you very, VERY high or very VERY drunk, and that your trip lasts you a loooooooong time... maybe that way you don't have to do this to somebody else for a while...

You took it very well ( judging by the smile, lol ). A lovely smile btw.
8 years ago.