Abandoned shop - Springwater, SK

Saskatchewan Ghost Towns

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  • Abandoned shop - Springwater, SK

  • Welcome to Springwater, Saskatchewan

    We decided to take a road-trip to a small ghost town, west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, called Springwater.

  • Window of an old workshop - Springwater, SK

  • Forgotten home - Springwater, SK

  • Polka-Dot House - Springwater, SK

    Although most of the residents are gone, the few remaining keep the grounds of the former town in very nice shape. As you can see here, the surrounding grass has just been mowed.

  • Connie's Homestead - Springwater, SK

  • Truck Remains - Springwater, SK

  • Country Church - Springwater, SK

  • Tarnopol Church 2 - Tarnopol, SK

    Sentinel of traditions and communities that have since long gone. (3-Feb-12) Update: I took the original photo and enhanced it using EasyHDR. I think the results are excellent and make the photo more vibrant.

  • Tarnopol Church 1 - Tarnopol, SK

    A quiet little church, sitting in a field of clover. It was a very peaceful setting.

  • Abandoned Store - Tarnopol, SK

  • Tarnopol church sepia

    Having a bit of fun with the G.I.M.P. image editor.

  • Old Barn - Tarnopol, SK

  • This old shed - Tway, SK

  • Old haunted hotel? - Smuts, SK

    Not sure, but to us this looks like it used to be a hotel of some sort. It was strangely quite, when we visited.

  • The old front stoop - Smuts, SK

  • Window with a view - Smuts, SK

    I love the tar shingles painted as red brick. Real red brick was probably pretty expensive back then.

  • Hidden fence - Smuts, SK

    Looked like it was a very nice fence in it's day.

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